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Megan Markle will not be released to the public until the birth of the child



Megan Markle, wife of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, appeared in public for the last time before the birth of a child.

Markle made her last exit accompanied by her husband and the dukes of Cambridge. Together with other members of the royal family, they celebrated Commonwealth Day at Buckingham Palace, writes with reference to Harper's Bazaar.

“Her public obligations ended, but she has not yet gone on maternity leave,” the representative of the royal family assured. In addition, she will continue to hold private meetings.

Last exit Megan criticized because of the peculiar white dress, which many have compared to a nurse's suit. On the web, they even joked that she "will take birth herself."

Earlier it became known that Megan Markle plans to equip for the unborn child a children's room in gender-neutral tones. The room will be made in a monochrome range of white and gray shades. In addition, she became a vegetarian and convinced Prince Harry to revise the diet and limit meat consumption.

It was also reported that Megan Markle deals with doula and wants to give birth in a regular hospital. According to some reports, Doula (a woman providing special support before, during and after childbirth) will accompany the duchess in the hospital.

In February, the psychic Princess Diana told, how many children will Megan Markle give. Sally Morgan believes that the Dukes of Sussex in six years will become parents several times.

About pregnancy Megan Markl became known 15 October 2018 year. The baby should be born in April.

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