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The sweet tooth was trying to sneak into the house


Source: The Telegraph

Angry bear tried to get into the house of an American woman baking a batch of delicious cakes. Neighbors drew attention to the noise and called the police, writes The Telegraph.
As the WFSB, the black bear almost burst into the frightened resident of Connecticut through the glass back door. An insistent beast spent about half an hour trying to get into a dwelling.
The animal managed to be photographed when it stood on a wooden railing, leaning its front paws on the glass and looking inside the housing after vain attempts to break the door.
Neighbors called 911 after the woman saw the bear, attracted by the smell of preparing a delicacy.

“We have a bear trying to break into a private house,” Bob Belfiore, who was the first to come to the aid of his neighbor, told police by phone. "He is not afraid of noise, screams and even stones!"
The next local resident, who called the police, said: “My neighbor has a panic across the street: this little old lady is shouting that there is a bear on the porch of her back door that hits the glass door with its paws!”

The beast was stubborn: he also tried to open two other doors.
“The bear walked away from the first door and went down to the terrace door,” Mr Belfiore told Eyewitness News. - "I pulled it and went to the third door, into the living room, trying to open it too."
He added: “It was scary, although in photos the animal looks cute. This bear was angry that he could not get to the delicious-smelling food. "
Police responded to the 911 call, but before they arrived, the restless bear had already gone home.

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