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Nurse who stole a newborn in Florida, caught in 19 years


Source: People

In 1998, in Jacksonville, Florida, little Kamiya Mobley was born. In the same hospital, there was a nurse Gloria Williams. Once a woman took a child from her mother under the pretext of carrying out procedures, and disappeared with the girl.

52-year-old Williams raised Camia for 19 years, whom she named Alexis Manigo as her own daughter. The police discovered deception and arrested the criminal, but the girl defended her "adoptive" mother, writes People.

As the abduction victim herself says, Williams raised her in love and did everything that only a truly loving mother can do. All this time, the biological mother of the girl Shanara Mobley, day and night, was thinking about her missing baby.

After almost 20 years, investigators went to the criminal. A year ago, a detachment of police broke into the house of Gloria Williams. During the first interrogation, the girl refused to admit that her mother had stolen it. But later she confirmed that she already knew about it. It turned out that the girl was in high school when her mother admitted that she had stolen her as a baby.

Mobley told police that after learning the truth, she found and called her biological mother, but hung up after answering the phone. She also said that her own mother once wrote to her: "Happy birthday", but this was the last episode of their communication. The girl met her biological parents, but still continues to consider her kidnapper her own.

“She made a mistake, but she loved me. I had a better life and everything I needed. That kind of love has no price, ”says Mobley.

The girl admits that her parents “want me to hate her,” but Mobley does not feel anger, only love for the woman who raised her.

The hearing will take place in a few days, it is possible that the parties will try to agree on a plea agreement. If this does not happen, the Williams case will be transferred to the jury. The woman did not recognize the accusations.

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