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Doctors talk about exercise that will help restore the sense of smell after COVID-19


Source: Medic Forum

To restore the sense of smell, affected by the coronavirus, doctors proposed to train him after an illness with the help of different smells. Medic Forum.

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The impairment of the olfactory function is one of the consequences of the coronavirus - the loss of the ability to smell is regarded even as one of the diagnostic markers of COVID-19.

According to the Medical News portal, some patients after the coronavirus continue to experience problems with the sense of smell, even if they are considered recovered. They often develop parosmia, which means a distorted perception of odors.

“For example, instead of the smell of lemon, a sick person can smell the rotting cabbage, instead of the smell of chocolate, the smell of gasoline,” experts explain.

Meanwhile, studies by scientists from universities in several European countries (Germany, Great Britain, Poland) show that special simple training helps to restore the sense of smell after coronavirus.

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You should inhale at least four different scents twice a day for 15 seconds each.

Scientists recommend training this way for several months. According to them, this method of restoring the habitual susceptibility to smells is good for the elderly, as well as those who have been ill, whose sense of smell has suffered especially badly.

Researchers consider this method to be effective for the regeneration of the sense of smell, disturbed not only by the transferred coronavirus, but also by other reasons.

"The method is based on neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to compensate for changes or injuries that have occurred in the body," the researchers state.

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