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Furniture, lighting, toilets: what our people can't get used to in American homes


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In American houses and apartments there is a very convenient thing - in the room built-in wardrobes and dressing rooms are immediately thought out at the construction stage, says "Moly Shop Urban Stories" on Yandex.Zen.

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You don’t think about where to put your things. No need to go and choose cabinets, then think about where to put them. They are already built in, and with a mirror, this also expands the space for the interior and serves as a decor. And in general they seem to be not in the house, they are disguised. Excellent comfortable shelves are made inside. If you want, you can buy some additional part.

Why is there no ceiling light in America's homes

Another oddity that Russians in America cannot get used to is the complete lack of ceiling lighting. There is no lighting in inexpensive apartments that people rent. If you go to look at the apartment in the evening, when it's already dark, then in order to consider repairs there, you may be offered to turn on the flashlight on your phone. Therefore, you have to buy a bunch of table lamps, floor lamps, so that there is light in your home.

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But American homes or apartments where rent is expensive will naturally have ceiling lights. And if you are building your own house in the USA, then you think over all the light sources. Developers in America do not specifically make ceiling lighting in order to reduce the cost of housing and make it affordable for people.

The strangest thing about America's homes

Another oddity for immigrants from post-Soviet countries in the United States is the bumpy ceilings. Smooth beautiful neat ceilings, like in Russia, an inaccessible luxury in America. A special noise-insulating plaster is applied to the ceiling here, so it is uneven. All houses and apartments in the States have such ceilings. This allows you to reduce noise overhead or underfoot, so as not to stomp on the head of neighbors.

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Russians can also be intimidated by the local toilet bowls. If this is your first time in the US, cover your ears when flushing - you can really go deaf. The washout makes a noise like an airplane is taking off.

The peculiarities of the kitchen device include the fact that the hood with a microwave oven is located above the stove. This is a combined version, that is, two objects as one household appliance. For many, this arrangement of the microwave is not very convenient, it is too high to reach the plates of food.

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