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Father killed 5-year-old son with autism in front of his mother


Source: CNN

Фото: Depositphotos

5-year-old boy Joe Clyde's mother, who had previously been reported missing in Tennessee, told police that she was present at the time of her son’s murder.

27-year-old Crystal Nicole Daniels was arrested on April 9 on charges of endangering a child’s life, writes CNN.

Joe Clyde's parents initially reported that the boy was missing in Dixon, Tennessee.

Hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement officers were desperately searching for a child, and as a result of April 7, they arrested the boy’s father.

After a three-day search, it was found that the father of the child, Joseph Daniels, killed his son on the night of 3 on 4 April in the family home, and then hid the child's body. After his arrest, he confessed to killing Joe.

Police later found out that the child’s mother knew about the murder, but did not report her husband’s actions.

Both parents are kept in the local prison on bail of 1 million dollars, the body of the boy is still being sought.

Joe Clyde had autism, and he couldn't talk.

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