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Mother came up with a cancer in her little son and treated him with drugs


Source: New York Post

A strange story happened in Hamilton County, Cincinnati. Monica Burgett, the mother of a three-year-old boy, has been collecting funds for a long time and has received government medicines for the treatment of her three-year-old son’s cancer, reports New York Post. The boy regularly used narcotic drugs: oxycodone and methadone. All this time, Burguett pretended to be a certified doctor, while she never had a medical education and practice.


According to the district attorney, Monika Burgett convinced the doctors at the Medical Center of the Children's Hospital of Cincinnati that she was a doctor and took care of her three-year-old son suffering from cancer. To raise funds for the treatment of the boy, the woman created a website called GoFundMe and attracted 40 thousands of dollars on behalf of the child. The woman shaved her son's head and eyebrows, after which she took a series of pictures, which she published on the site. The horror is that the child actually received drugs. At a certain point, Monica’s unprofessionalism was revealed in details that the doctors are well aware of, and the specialists of the clinic suspected her of lying.

Burgett's lawyer says that his client tried to help her child, who was born prematurely and has a number of real health problems. As a result, she even convinced herself that she is a doctor and knows better what a baby needs.

The woman was charged with fraud and child abuse. The child was taken away - he now lives in Texas with his father, who is really a doctor.

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