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Mother donated 30 liters of breast milk to babies from Texas


Source: KMOV

A Missouri woman donated about eight gallons (30 liters) of breast milk to the smallest victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. KMOV.


It is known that, under nervous conditions in conditions of serious stress, lactating mothers often lose milk, so babies have to be transferred to expensive substitutes for this natural diet. In conditions in which mothers with children after Hurricane Harvey found themselves, it is too difficult to prepare the mixture in a sterile bottle and heat it to the appropriate temperature.

Therefore, the young mother, Daniel Palmer of Owensville, decided to empty her freezer, filled with breast milk, which the woman was accumulating for feeding her younger son Truett. Her baby was born with a heart defect: the baby is unable to drink breast milk on its own for almost the entire life, therefore it receives nutrition mainly through an intravenous catheter. But mom did not interrupt the lactation process, keeping breast milk in the freezer - this product can be stored for at least several months without loss of quality and beneficial properties.

The speech therapist who was treating her son Daniel gave the mother an idea to donate frozen breast milk that was not useful to her baby. In the words of Palmer herself, "it is impossible to imagine a situation where you lose absolutely everything." Danielle Palmer sent milk cartons to women who lost their breast milk supply when lights went out in affected regions and refrigerators defrosted. In addition, supplies will be delivered to women whose lactation has ceased due to stress.

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