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Mother from Florida dumped her daughter from the bridge, having learned that she has autism


Source: Mirror

26-year-old Shakaila Denson was arrested after she dropped her four-year-old daughter from a bridge into the river in front of shocked passersby. Rescue the girl failed, according to police in Tampa, Florida. Presumably, the cause of the woman’s act was autism, which was identified in a child several months ago.

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Divers combed the Hillsborough River for several hours last Thursday, until they found the body of little JeHira Daniels, writes Mirror. Denson was charged with a first degree criminal offense and aggravated child abuse.

Photo: ABC News screenshot

The body of the girl with no signs of life was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital, where doctors stated death. Her mother was in a nearby area, where she was found and taken into custody. Before the murder, investigators say, Denson hijacked a gray Nissan Altima from a local service center (for which she also later received a charge of stealing a car). Now the authorities are trying to communicate with other family members.

Photo: ABC News screenshot

The investigation uncovered the GoFundMe page, which was allegedly created by Denson herself nine months ago. The page contains a request for donations to her daughter, who has been diagnosed with autism. There is also a photo of the mother and Jheera and the caption: “My daughter was recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum, my goal is to start collecting for therapy equipment and also for the future of Jheera. I also see interest in connecting with other people living with autism, and would be delighted to share the strategies and resources I've already learned to help them get through the day. Thank you and I appreciate it. ”

The Hillsborough River flows into the Hillsboro Bay in Tampa in the Gulf of Mexico. The incident occurred approximately three miles (about 5 kilometers) from the mouth.

An autopsy will be held soon, which will officially determine the cause of death of the child. The girl's mother is still in prison.


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