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'Master, friend, grandmother for all our children': Russian stars mourn Galina Volchek



December 26 Galina Volchek was gone. This news shocked many celebrities who are personally acquainted with the legend of the Russian theater, writes


On Thursday, December 26th, the media reported disappointing news - the permanent artistic director of the Sovremennik Theater, Galina Volchek, died in her 87th year of life.

Galina Borisovna spent several days in the hospital and, as the media wrote, fell into a coma.

The last years of her life, Volchek suffered from chronic bronchitis and could not walk independently due to problems with the spine. According to the preliminary version, she died from swelling of the brain and lungs.

The news of the death of the legendary actress, director and theater teacher saddened many domestic stars. Dozens of representatives of show business expressed their grief on social networks.

Ksenia Sobchak admitted that in the coming days she was going to interview Galina Borisovna for her YouTube channel.

“The Great Man is gone. My personal example to follow. Strong, wayward. Lump. And now I have the date of the interview on my calendar, her message on the phone, and she will never be with us. Never. I look at the screen at her answer and I can’t believe that it is so ... ”wrote the media diva.

On the subject: Actress and director Galina Volchek passed away


Ksenia said that Galina Borisovna often went to visit Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, because she loved spending time with their children. Soon star spouses published pictures from the family archive, which depicted Volchek.

“Great, dear, close, it’s difficult to come to terms with the fact that we don’t see you anymore, we don’t hear your voice and laughter. May our love be with you on the way to the Lord, ”the Diva wrote in social networks.


“She was a master, our friend and real grandmother for our children. Condolences to Denis and Katya! There are no words ... ”- added Maxim Galkin.


Galina Borisovna was friendly with the family of Philip Kirkorov.

“Love, grieve, cry ... Thank you for your great skill, for your incredibly warm attitude and love for our family. You will forever remain in the heart ... ”reads the message under the picture with the director in the singer’s microblog.


“You always try to find the most accurate words. So that without pathos and formalities ... This is the mother of my friend Denis. Today she was gone ... And we again say to each other that here they, the great, the beloved, the main, are becoming less and less. Not realizing that in fact we are becoming smaller ... Farewell, beloved Galina Borisovna! Thank you! ”Ivan Urgant expressed grief.


The funeral ceremony of farewell to Galina Volchek will be held on December 29 at the Sovremennik Theater. Then the actress and director will be buried in the Novodevichy cemetery.

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