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Mark Zuckerberg launched online dating service


Source: Tatler

2,2 billion people in the world use Facebook. 200 has millions of them with “Free” status in their accounts. With such invaluable information, Mark Zuckerberg decided to become a new Digital Cupid.

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In May, Facebook announced the launch of its own online dating service Dating, which today began working in Colombia, USA, notes Tatler. It is not yet known when the project will start working in other countries.

No additional application to the phone will not have to download - just Facebook. The only thing that needs to be done is to fill in your profile by answering the questions proposed by the algorithm and uploading photos (up to nine). Well, then everything, as in Tinder.

The service is aimed at people who are looking for a serious and long-term relationship. But whether such a concept will work in life is not yet clear.

Recall that last year during the speech, Mark Zuckerberg shared funny story of dating his wife Priscilla Chan. He said that this happened during a farewell party, which his groupmates had thrown at him.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. Photo: Instagram Mark Zuckerberg

“My best memory from Harvard is a meeting with Priscilla. At the time when I launched the comic FaceMash site, the board of observers wanted to talk with me face to face. Many thought that they wanted to exclude me from the university. Parents were very supportive, and friends decided to throw a farewell party, where I met Priscilla. Our acquaintance happened when we stood in a queue in the toilet room, and I then told her: “I will be thrown out of high school through 3 of the day, so we need to quickly have a date,” the successful programmer shared.

Online dating services are incredibly popular - and rightfully so. In this age of information technology, meeting your soul mate is much easier and faster on the Internet than, for example, on the street or in a cafe. We suggest exploring 9 dating apps for american men - All resources are available for iOS and Android. Dare!

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