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Mark Zuckerberg spent Shabbos with his family and made his daughter a valuable gift. A PHOTO


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In these September days, the Jews of the whole world celebrate the New Year - the holiday of Rosh-ha-Shana. Some ancient traditions are followed in the family of the billionaire and network creator. Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.


Last week, Mark posted on his page a photo of the Shabbat meeting at his home. His father gave his eldest daughter Max an ancient bowl for the holy Kiddush ritual, which was kept in his family for more than a century. A special rite of consecration is held before the morning and evening meals on Shabbat.


According to Mark, his daughters' great-great-grandfather received a bowl for the Kiddush after the Zuckerberg family immigrated to the US, and since then the glass has been handed down from generation to generation. Now he owns baby Max, the daughter of Mark and his wife Priscilla.

Zuckerberg also published in his account photos of the candlestick and lighted candles for the Shabbat and the delicious Saturday challah, a special wicker roll baked at home.


It is known that August and half of September, Mark spent on maternity leave decree - the youngest daughter was born a month ago. Today Zuckerberg went out of his vacation and returned to work.

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