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Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan put on Halloween monsters. A PHOTO


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Founder's family Facebook Mark Zuckerberg did not stay away from the noisy Halloween celebration in the United States. In honor of their favorite holiday, Mark and his wife Priscilla dressed up with characters from the wonderful children's fairy tale and the cartoon "Where Monsters Live" (Where the Wild Things Are) and dressed up their daughters, two-year-old Max and two-month-August, in the costumes of the characters of this cartoon.


Zuckerberg posted two adorable photos of the family of monsters on his Facebook account, captioning that this is the first real Halloween for “little monsters”: For the first time.
The second picture was signed like this: Let the wild rumpus beginThis is also a quote from a book and a movie.


“Where Monsters Live” is one of the favorite fairy tales of American children, Spike Jonze's 2009 film, based on a book by writer Maurice Sendak. In the story of the fairy tale, a little boy runs away from home, having quarreled with his mother, and ends up on an island inhabited by unusual and very cute fantastic creatures.

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