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Manicure that went out of fashion and became a sign of bad taste



It is very important for any girl to stay fashionable, to keep up with current news. Which manicure has already gone out of fashion - read on and do not make mistakes in choosing the color of the varnish and the shape of the nails.

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Especially for you picked up the top 5 the most ridiculous and unfashionable types of manicure.

The harder the worse

The aquarium nail design has completely lost its relevance. Massive false patterns on such massive false nails are no longer fashionable!

We remove superfluous

Excessively long false nails are not in fashion! Ideally, marigolds should resemble relatives, moderately long, moderately short. Long claws are no longer relevant.

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Smooth corners

Pointed nails are also out of fashion. Oval and square rounded marigold are relevant.

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“No” to a riot of colors

Multicolored manicure has gone out of fashion. Do not paint your nails in different colors of lacquer, it is bad taste.

A manicure is irrelevant, in which two marigolds are painted in one color, and all the others in another.

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Caution print

No more bright patterns in the form of animal prints on the nails.

Remember that regardless of the trends, neat marigolds painted with the same color lacquer are always in fashion.

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