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Moms who surprised the world


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Becoming a mother is a great happiness for a woman, although sometimes the path to this happiness can be long and difficult. But any mother will tell you: "It is worth it!".
And there are also amazing mothers, about whom they write in the newspapers and in the Guinness Book of Records.

1. Mother of eight
33-year-old Nadia Suleiman from California gave birth to 2009 children at the same time in 8. All babies were born healthy. Nadia got pregnant using IVF (in vitro fertilization), the doctors did not expect such a result, and until the last time they were sure that there were 7 embryos, and not 8. Usually in such cases, doctors recommend removing some embryos to give a chance to survive and develop normally to others. However, Nadia refused such an operation and was determined to endure all 8 babies. Six boys and two girls weighing from 820 to 1540 grams were born on 9 weeks ahead of time. In the operation of cesarean section 46 (!) Physicians took part.
In addition to these children, Nadia already had 6 children between the ages of 2 and 7, among whom there are a couple of twins. Thus, Nadia Suleiman became the mother of 14 children right away. The reaction of the public was rather ambiguous, some claimed that she was a heroine, and there were those who accused Nadia of mercantile spirit.
The California Miracle was 8 in the world officially registered case of the birth of 8 children (the first was in 1976 year in Mexico). In previous 7, not all babies survived.

2. The youngest mom in history
In 1939, a baby was born weighing in 2 kg 700 g of the youngest mother in the world. She became Lina Vanessa Medina. Lina's age at the time of birth was ... 5 years and 7 months. The case is officially documented in Peru. The parents of the baby did not know about her interesting position. Initially, they were confident that the cause of the increase in the abdomen of the daughter is a tumor. During the inspection it turned out that the child was in the 7 month of pregnancy. A month and a half later, a boy was produced by caesarean section. The incredible incident was officially documented, and Lina Medina was recognized as the youngest mother in the history of medicine.

3. The oldest mom in the world
Rajo Devi Lohan gave birth to her first child in 2008 after 40 years of waiting, at the age of 70. Rajo Devi Lohan and Baba Rama, residents of the village of Aleva in northern India, got married when she was 12 and he was 14. According to the “young” parents, from this age they dreamed of having children, but everything did not work out, despite Baba's efforts ... Since a family without children is considered almost a curse by the Hindus, the newlyweds turned to the healers, who filled the spouses with all kinds of drugs, which were of no use anyway. Baba was regularly advised to disperse with Rajo and find himself a worthy spouse who could bear him many children, but Rama hoped for a miracle. After 58 years of unsuccessful joint efforts to conceive a child, the couple finally turned to mainstream science, which has long found a way to solve this problem. The couple accidentally saw on TV a story about IVF (in vitro fertilization). This service is not cheap (in India it costs about $ 3), especially for rural residents.
By the end of the pregnancy I almost had a miscarriage, but being in the clinic saved the situation. During labor, a ruptured uterus occurred, which had consequences later.
Nun's daughter was born in 2008 by means of a caesarean section and remains in good health until today. Dad said that when new buffaloes grow up and harvest rice, he will go to the city to get another child - I want a boy. At the time of delivery Rajo was 70 years old. The baby was born completely healthy. Childbirth greatly undermined Rajo's health, but she did not regret her action, since in India, where she came from, childlessness is considered a sin. The world community did not approve of its decisions, and even Indian doctors suggested applying sanctions to the doctor who took such a bold step.

4. Mom most children
According to the Guinness Book of Records, the most prolific mother in history was the Russian peasant woman from Shui, known only as “the wife of Fyodor Vasilyev”. Unfortunately, the story of the mother-heroine has not been preserved, but it is known that during her life a woman 7 once gave birth to triplets, 4 times four and four times 16 twins. The family had 69 children, two of whom died in childhood. She gave birth, respectively, 27 times. It is noteworthy that after the death of the first wife, Fyodor Vasilyev married a second time. The second wife bore him another 18 children.

There are champions in America too - in the Daggar family, 20 children are currently growing up, and the last Michelle gave birth to 45 years.

5. The oldest twin mother
70-year-old Omkari Panwar made history as the oldest twin mother. Omkari and her 77-year-old husband had dreamed of giving birth to a boy all their lives, but only girls were born in their family. The couple collected money for many years and finally decided on a bold step - IVF, as a result of which twins were born in 2008: a boy and a girl. Alas, the age of both did not stand still, and when the long-awaited day came, Omkari had already turned 70 years. However, this did not frighten anyone - and Omkari herself and her husband knew perfectly well what they were going to. By the way, not everyone supported the decision of an elderly couple - even the residents of their native village tried to stop them, indicating age, but the husband and wife were determined. Emergency birth was satisfactory, and soon happy parents were able to go home with the long-awaited twins.

6. The most prolific surrogate mother
Surrogate mother Carol Horlock from the UK set a world record, giving birth to 15 children over 13 years, and only two of them are her own. Carol was going to become a surrogate mother once, but later she agreed to carry the kids for other families. Now Carol is 49 years old and doctors forbid her to give birth:
“Doctors in the UK warned that I’d better give up the idea of ​​getting pregnant again, because I have to risk my life in order to carry the child. In addition, I have given birth more 10 times in my life, which greatly increases the possibility of preeclampsia, bleeding and other complications, ”Horlock told reporters.
Carol first became a surrogate mother in 1995, when she was 27 years old. At that time, she worked in the laundry room and could barely make ends meet, so she decided to surrogate motherhood.
Horlock keeps in touch with the new families of her babies, but her family could not come to terms with this state of affairs. It is known that Carol's own father even stopped communicating with his daughter because of this.

7. The smallest mom in the world
This is about Stacy Harold - the smallest mom in history. Stacy suffers from a serious illness that prevents her from developing to the lungs and increases the fragility of her bones. She is forced to use a wheelchair, and her husband is mainly involved in housework. Her height is 71,12 cm, and doctors seriously feared for her life if she decides to become pregnant. This did not stop Stacy, and she became a mother of three children.

8. Mom the smallest child in history
Mahadjabin Sheikh became the mother of the smallest babies in the world. Both girls were born when the gestation period of their mother, who arrived at a Chicago clinic from India, barely exceeded 6 months. Doctors had to resort to cesarean section. As a result of premature birth, twin girls were born, one of which weighed just 243 grams and was an increase of 24 centimeters. The second girl weighed 2 more times. The baby's parents did not hope that she would survive, but thanks to the remarkable work of the doctors, she not only survived, but also gained more than a kilogram in weight by the time of discharge.

9. Mom with the biggest difference between the clans
Elizabeth Ann Battle - the usual mother of two children. Although ... still not quite normal. The fact is that the difference in the age of her children is 41 year and 185 days. Elizabeth gave birth to her first child in 19 years, and her second child in 60.

10. The first man to become a mother
Records in the birth of children set not only women but also men! Thomas Biti is the first man in the world to be a mother. The fact is that Thomas was born a woman, and before his name was Tracy Lagondino. In 10 years, the girl realized that she really wanted to be a boy.
With the help of many operations and hormone therapy, Tracy managed to fulfill his dream.
5 February 2003, Thomas Beaty married Nancy Gillespie, their heterosexual marriage was registered in Hawaii, and in the same year they moved to Bend, Oregon. When his wife Nancy could not get pregnant, he agreed to an artificial insemination operation using donor sperm and carried the baby.
In 2009, Thomas Beaty had a second child, and in 2010, a third. At the time of birth, Thomas Biti has preserved female genitals, which allowed him to give birth, but legally he was considered a man, in February 2012, he again underwent an operation, getting rid of female reproductive organs.
In March, 2012, Thomas and Nancy filed for divorce, but their case moved very slowly, and after a long litigation, Thomas won back over all three children.

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