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Mother threatened with death for her daughter's fake piercing


Source: New York Post

Mothers of six children began to send death threats after she stated that she allegedly had pierced her tiny daughter. Reports about it New York Post.

Unedina Vance's post Facebook It became extremely popular: it was a photo of her little girl with a pin in her cheek. But in fact, the image was a fake, designed to protest against such actions of parents against children.


The activist wrote:

“I’m sure she would agree to that!” She will thank me when she grows up. And if she decides that she does not like it, then let her take it away - is it a big deal! ”
“She is MY CHILD and I will do whatever I want! I make all decisions for her until she turns 18! I created it. She is my property! I don’t need someone’s permission there, I think she’s prettier with piercings, ”Enedina wrote.
“This is NOT abuse! If this were the case, it would be illegal, but it is not. Every day the piercing is done to one or another child, so what's the difference? ”She concluded.

At the same time Vance under the photo Photoshop posted a hashtag "sarcasm". It turns out that she was thus protesting against circumcision for boys.
In the end, she had to write two more posts explaining her position.

She wrote:

“Ha, well, I hope everyone understood that my last post was a fake. I took a photo of my daughter, supposedly with a piercing, but in reality this is a photoshop. And, frankly, I can not believe how many people have moved! It was a satire, I even put the hashtag #sarcasm, but some actually threatened to beat me to death, call social services and take away my children. ”

She added: “Ironically, some are willing to kill me because of my“ arguments ”in favor of piercing - but they themselves use EXACTLY THE SAME arguments to justify circumcision of their sons. They are so furious when they see my child with a supposedly pierced cheek - but they don’t worry when their own children are forcibly amputated the most sensitive part of the penis? ”

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