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'Mom, take my hand': a woman met her deceased daughter in virtual reality


Source: Medusa

South Korean resident Jang Ji Song, using VR technology, spoke with her daughter Nyon, who died three years ago at the age of seven from leukemia. A virtual model of the girl was created for the documentary "I Met You" on MBC: it showed the very meeting of the mother and daughter, as well as the process of creating the model of the girl, writes "Jellyfish".

Photo: video frame YouTube / MBClife

The team of programmers created a virtual image of the girl for eight months. To model Nyon’s movements, the movements of the child actor were recorded; Also, the developers recreated the real voice of the deceased girl.

To communicate with her daughter, Ji Sung put on a VR headset and tactile gloves. As a venue for their meeting in virtual reality, a city park was simulated in which a girl loved to walk.

The mother’s conversation with her daughter began with the girl’s question: “Mom, where have you been? Have you been thinking about me? ”Ji Sung replied,“ I think about you all the time. ” After that, she burst into tears - like her relatives, who at that time were watching what was happening. Initially, Ji Ji Sung did not dare touch the girl and took her hand only after virtual Nyon directly asked: "Mom, take my hand."

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“Perhaps this is a real paradise. I met Nyon, who was smiling at me, even for a short time, but it was a very happy time. I think it was my dream that I always wanted to fulfill, ”said Ji Song after the experiment.

At the end of the video, the sleeping girl turns into a white butterfly and flies away.

Most viewers reacted positively to the experiment. More than 15 thousand comments were left under the video on the official YouTube channel MBC; mostly people expressed the view that such use of VR technology could in the future alleviate the suffering of people caused by the loss of loved ones, and help them survive the loss.

At the same time, specialized mass media writing about technologies discuss how correctly such communication with avatars of deceased people is, and whether the use of such technologies will lead to the fact that people who have lost loved ones will become dependent on the virtual world and spend everything there more and more time.

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