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Mom with a plus-size figure earns $ 5000 per month on her photos


Source: Infomaniya

30-year-old Summers Vonhessse from Nevada has two children - a five-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son. And not the perfect figure. This tells Infomaniya.

Summers, like many women after the birth of two children, recovered and acquired stretch marks. The skin on the body of a woman, respectively, has lost its elasticity and attractiveness. Summers gradually became self-negative. And even the words of her husband that she was still beautiful did not add confidence.

“When my husband said that I was beautiful, I didn’t believe him,” Vonhesse says.

In order to somehow distract themselves from negative thoughts about their appearance, Summers began to track accounts of plus-size models on social networks.

Over time, the woman realized that her body was really beautiful. And then Summers life began to change. She stopped hiding her curvy shapes in shapeless clothes and registered on the site. Patreon, with which you can earn on your own photos.

Clients pay money to access nude photos. Earnings depend on how many photos the client wants to see.

Pictures of Summers in underwear, as well as without it, have become wildly popular. So mom of two children with a figure plus-size I began to earn up to 5 thousand dollars a month.

The author of many photos is the husband Summers. According to Wonhess, the family does not need additional income, and the spouse provides it completely. American takes part in the shooting for fun.

“We do not need extra money. I work for fun. Although since I got married 8 years ago, I haven't worked. And this is a great opportunity to contribute to the family budget, ”says Summers.

In addition, Summers leads the page in Instagram. More than 125 thousands of users follow account updates.

After the woman learned to love her body, she realized that there was nothing shameful about the nudity of the female body. And she does not worry at all that her children can see photos with naked mother.

“If children see my nude photos - not scary! There is nothing bad in a naked body. I just urge to love myself. And it's normal that men consider me sexy. There is nothing wrong".

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