The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

Mom showed why you can not drive a sick child to school


Source: Yahoo

Mama from Canada Maria Jordan McKegan used Instagram, to speak out against parents who threaten the health and even the lives of her daughter, bringing their sick children to school, writes Yahoo.


The woman wrote in her account under the photo of her daughter in the intensive care unit: “I don’t understand why people put others at risk, justifying that they have a lot to do.” One parent of a sick child at school told McKegan that he was too busy to leave the child with a runny nose at home every time.


McKegan's daughter Grace has reduced immunity - the girl was born with Down syndrome. Even a minor infection can trigger the development of the disease. “School is not a nanny. Your own child, first of all, needs you to take care of his health. When Grace is sick, I think about her, but I also think about other children, especially those who cannot resist other people's infections, ”says the woman.


Many account subscribers agreed with Maria, some spoke out against - they say, you won't stay at home for every sneeze, otherwise you will not have to go anywhere at all. “If we cared more about the world around us, and not just about ourselves, this world would be much better!” - write the parents.

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