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'Mom podsuetsilsya': Natasha Koroleva talked about family real estate in Miami


Source: StarHit

Natasha Koroleva often visits her mother in the USA. The singer likes the warm climate of Miami, but in America the star is not satisfied with high taxes and payments for utilities, writes "StarHit".


The mother of 45-year-old Natasha Koroleva, Lyudmila Poryvay, has long moved to Florida. Every New Year's holidays, Natasha and her family go to visit the parent. According to the singer, the warm climate and the ocean help her forget about Moscow frosts. However, the Queen said she had never been a lover of these places.

“My mother at one time podsuetsilsya, having bought several apartments in Miami, which are now renting. Therefore, when we come to Miami, she gives one of the apartments to us, ”said the artist.

The queen added that she does not have her property in America. According to the star, to maintain an apartment in Miami is very unprofitable.

“All that is is mom's. Miami has a very expensive service. Annual tax, monthly payment of rent, bills for electricity, water, ”the artist said.

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Natasha also said that she is a rational person. If the content of something leads the performer to constant stress, then she does not want to get involved with it. The artist is not going to let dust in the eyes either.

“I want to enjoy life. Spend money on creativity, on family, on those who need it. I help a lot: not only to relatives, but also to sick children, ”the Queen admitted.

By the way, in 2016, Natasha Koroleva still acquired her own housing in Miami. According to the celebrity, Lyudmila Ivanovna pushed her to this step.

“Somehow my mother started a conversation about how good it would be to bring Arkhip's son to her in Miami, to send to school so that both language would be tightened and strengthened - yet the local climate is clearly more comfortable than Moscow,” the star shared.


The actress did not object to the arguments of her mother and immediately sent the heir to America. But life in Miami was hectic. In 2017, the Queen’s apartment was damaged by the hurricane Irma, which collapsed on the coast. The apartment was partially flooded - water penetrated under the balcony door and flowed under the floor.

During the incident, the husband of Natasha Koroleva, along with her mother-in-law and her son, were locked in the house.

“Electricity is, thank God, there may be flooding. We are sitting in some kind of isolation. There is a terrible roar on the street, “Irma” is already here, ”Sergey Glushko wrote on social networks.

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Now the Queen lives in Moscow. The artist’s apartment is located in the center of the capital on Novy Arbat. Her celebrity acquired while still being married to Igor Nikolaev. Also, after a divorce from the composer, Koroleva remained a mansion in the village of Krekshino.

“I always like Igor, I read his posts, I know what is going on in his life. We are not in a quarrel - everything is fine with us, ”Natasha commented on the relationship with ex-spouse.

We will remind, the Queen was married to Igor Nikolaev for more than ten years. In 2001, the couple broke up. Two years after the breakup, the singer married Sergei Glushko. In 2002, the lovers had a son Arkhip.

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