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Mom and daughter puzzled social networks: users wonder who is 30 and who is 50


Source: Medialeaks

The influencer showed subscribers how she dances with her mother in the video, and people are at a loss, writes Medialeaks.


They see two students in the video and do not understand which of them gave birth to whom. The heroines really look almost the same - and this is a compliment to both.

In the modern world, there are many different ways to stay beautiful: someone turns themselves into a Barbie doll, resorting to the help of surgeons, and someone just needs to establish a regime and learn to grow old in the opposite direction. Influencer's mom Jen Selter has the same talent.

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The girl is 27 years old, and she maintains an account on Instagram. In the profile, the blogger demonstrates the benefits of her toned figure, shows her followers what she eats to keep fit and what physical exercises she likes to do in the morning.

And on September 6, Jen posted a video with 50-year-old mother Jill, after watching which the subscribers realized that she owes her excellent shape not only to constant training, but also to genetics.

The video shows how two girls in tight overalls are dancing and fooling around, but it will not be possible to understand who is the mother and who is the daughter the first time.

In the comments, Jen's followers could not ignore the fact that her mother looks very young, and left a lot of compliments for her.

"What? Is that mom? I doubt it ”,“ Tin, this mom looks like a sister ”,“ My brains are broken. I don't seem to understand something. "

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Jen (left) and her mother (right):


Judging by the reaction of people, Jen accidentally broke stereotypes about adults, and at the same time created a puzzle: subscribers do not understand who exactly is in the video - the mother of the influencer.

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