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Online rush: the mother of two daughters told how her children spend the summer


Source: Miami Herald

American sports reporter, blogger, and mother of two daughters 5 and 8 years Kristen Hewitt caused a stir on the social network, telling that how her children spend their summer. On page in Facebook she posted a snapshot of the girls falling asleep on the couch. Mom accompanied the shot with a confession that she allowed the children this summer “to do nothing”, completely abandoning the schedule, classes and plans. She decided that the girls should really enjoy their summer holidays.

Her post caused admiration from many moms. More than 5 thousands of network users made a repost on their page.

The first day of the girls' summer vacation began like this: they lay in their room in pajamas until 11 a.m., then baked chocolate cakes, started an art project that they would never finish, and then went to swim in the pool.

Thus, their mother decided to diversify their summer, without burdening her studies and all sorts of activities.

41-year-old Kristen Hewitt is a famous person in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She works as a sports reporter in Miami Heat for Fox Sports Sun.

Kristen admitted that she originally “planned to be a 'good mom' this summer, with plans to do a lot of homework, but then realized that she was tired, and so were the girls.

“Therefore, instead of a class schedule, we are not doing anything this summer. Literally nothing, she wrote. - There are no camps. There are no classes and no curricula. Instead, we're going to see where each day takes us. ”

She said that the daughters themselves choose what they want to do during the day: spend time with the family, watch TV, go on roller skates, play with balloons, sunbathe and so on.

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