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The kid who locked in the car was saved by firefighters. He liked this


Source: huffingtonpost

British firefighters pulled a 14 month old baby out of the carwho accidentally locked himself in a car. This incredible story happened to 27-year-old Kirsty Green and her son Brandon after shopping in one of the shopping centers. Mom put the baby in the back seat of the car and went out to load purchases in the trunk. By coincidence, Kirstie put her car keys to shopping. After closing the trunk and realizing her mistake, my mother was going to return to the car for the keys. But the child turned on the central door lock before the mother could get inside the cabin. So little Brandon was locked inside the car.

Mom was incredibly frightened, confused, and began to panic. The supermarket staff came to the rescue and called for rescuers. Fire brigade arrived from the nearest station Bude Community Fire Station. While we were getting the tools and making the best decision, one of the rescuers noticed a small coin in the baby’s mouth. They decided to act immediately, until the baby choked. To do this, broke the rear window, pulled the baby and returned to the mother. Kirstie Green tirelessly thanked the rescuers for saving "her little monkey". And the child spent an amazing and adventurous day!

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