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The boy spoiled the performance of his mother and became a star on the Internet. VIDEO


Source: Mirror

Ten-year-old Tucker decided to take part in shooting a video, which his mother worked on, and became a real Internet sensation, writes Mirror... While the mother was filming her singing and playing the instrument, the child “trolled” her, appearing in the background behind her, dancing and perfectly fitting into the frame.

The woman performed a technically and musically complex song.Cup Song'groups Pitch perfect and was completely absorbed in her performance when Tucker appeared in the frame in search of her drink. Taking a sip of juice and spitting it out loudly, the boy noticed the camera in shooting mode and realized that this was his chance to become famous. He performed a cheerful dance of his own composition, waving his arms and moving his shoulders.

Trying to distract the mother from her occupation, Tucker lifted his shirt over his head and moved his hips from side to side, but this was not enough to cope with her ability to concentrate. Looking at the child on the screen of her phone, Zinna held on for a long time before she laughed at his final belly dance.

“We often sing together, usually Tucker plays drums, but for some reason this time he decided to defuse the situation. It shows how funny he is and always knows how to cheer, ”says the mother. Video posted on YouTube, watched tens of thousands of viewers around the world. Most liked the trick of the boy - the merry fellow Tucker is advised in the future to master the profession of a comedian.

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