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'Boy, and even a redhead!': How Charles humiliated Diana after the birth of Harry


Source: 7 Days

Princess Diana's butler spoke frankly about how Prince Charles treated his youngest son when he was still a baby, and offended the mother of his sons because the child was born "a boy, and even a redhead." He probably suspected treason.

Photo: video frame YouTube / The Royal Family Channel

A couple of years ago, Paul Burrell, the former butler of Princess Diana, who tragically died in August 1997, at the request of the creators of a new documentary about the royal family, spoke about how Prince Charles's difficult relationship with his youngest son began. 7 Days.

As Burrell said, from the very day the prince's eldest son, William, was born, Charles passionately wanted a girl to become the next child in the family. Therefore, although Diana learned quite early that her second child was a boy, she did not tell her husband about this until the very birth.

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“I knew that my son would be born again, because I had passed the required scan. But Charles dreamed of a girl, and I was terribly afraid to disappoint him! " - Diana admitted.

However, when the day of Prince Harry's birth came, things went even worse than she could even imagine. Glancing at the newborn, Charles grimaced and exclaimed in disappointment: "Oh, it's a boy ... And a redhead too!" To this, the offended Diana replied, referring to her family: "But, Charles, it just means that he inherited the color of the Spencer's hair!" Then the prince reacted even more harshly: "Well, at least I have a spare heir ..."

Then he turned and walked away. And he didn't just leave for a while, but climbed into his Aston Martin and rushed off to Windsor for a few days - to play equestrian polo with his friends.

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According to Burrell, Diana then suffered a real shock. She said that when she heard the words of her husband, "something inside her died."

Although by the time Harry was born, Diana's relationship with Charles was already rapidly deteriorating. But she still hoped that the situation could change for the better.

Diana dreamed that the birth of her second child would help her make peace with Charles. After all, after the birth of her first child, William, everything was fine with her husband, and she felt almost happy. True, alas, not for long ...

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