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Makeup that can withstand even a snowstorm


Source: Peopletalk

What should be the winter make-up and which decorative tools are best used in the cold season, the project Peopletalk told the makeup artist studio BrowUp! & MakeUp Maya Jobava.

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Features of winter make-up

In winter, it is better to abandon cosmetics marked “for moisturizing” and rely on funds with the “nutrition” function. Choose tonal creams on an oil basis, more dense texture - they endure withstand temperature changes and maintain the water balance of the skin.

Remember, SPF protection is needed even in winter. The lowest protection factors will be quite enough - from 10 to 15 (but if you are going to go to the mountains, then take money with at least SPF 30). So choose tonal creams and powders with appropriate marks.

Pay attention to lip care. In your winter must-have-care products should be scrubs and lip balms with vitamin E and nourishing oils. They are best used in pairs. Make it a rule every night, first do the peeling, and then apply a balm on the lips. In no case do not leave the house without hygienic lipstick - use it both independently and as a base for lipstick.

Trendy Winter Makeup - 2018

The trend is natural makeup. Nourishing cream, transparent lip balm and a drop of highlighter - your beauty minimum for the winter. You can add a little pearl shine with the help of the highlighter, but everything should be in moderation - no frills with tone and glow.

Nude has not bypassed lips and make-up, so we stock up on transparent balms of all kinds. And if you want colors, choose shades of cherry: from a light pink veil to rich burgundy. Also remember that the effect of kissed lips is relevant now. No clear contours and strict forms - everything should be simple and natural. By the way, good options for a gentle neutral makeup could be seen at the film award Critic's Choice Awards - 2018.

Layfkhak that powder was not showered

The first rule is not to go too far. Usually that showered was superfluous. To remove excess funds, use a special kabuki brush. Another trick - fix makeup with professional fixing sprays. It is enough to spray the haze on your face as soon as you complete the make-up. If the desired product is not at hand, then you can replace it with a conventional thermal spray (when drying, drops of moisture "seal" the makeup, thereby eliminating stains on clothes).

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