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"Alla's Mafia": why the era of Pugacheva will never end


Source: Forbes

The words of Alla Pugacheva's song “Arlekino” I learned in the summer of 1976. Not on purpose - in a boarding house near Sudak, where I rested with my parents before the first school 1 of September in my life, this hit was carried out every month from each loudspeaker about once an hour, Nikolai Mazurin writes specifically for Forbes.

The susceptible memory of the child for the whole life absorbed the strong men coming into the arena and one reward - laughter.

Since then, our former country has disappeared from the world map, the socio-political system has changed, the general secretaries have died, the presidents have changed. So the era of Vladimir Putin has already lasted for almost 20 years, and Alla Borisovna is still the queen of Russian pop music. In the traditional rating of Forbes 50 stars of show business and sports it is not only because it is difficult to estimate the singer's income, even approximately. After all, for several years now Diva does not go on tour tours, does not give ticket concerts, but acts only for respected people and companies by special invitation, its price tag, as promoters say, is about € 200 000 for a corporate party or a private party. How many Pugacheva such performances in the year? We have no exact answer.

However, unlike the kings, none of whom can marry for love, Pugacheva sometimes performs for free. A recent example. In May, 2018 of the year in the Kremlin Palace at the celebration of the billionaire's 60 anniversary and in his spare time from business, songwriter Mikhail Gutseriev Primadonna first came on the scene, performed a couple of songs to his words, warmly congratulated the hero of the day and left the event.

The non-strangers Pugacheva’s people — her former husband, Filipp Kirkorov, the current husband, Maxim Galkin, and daughter Christina Orbakaite — all fall into the 50 rating of Russian stars every year.

The rating is based on a combination of three factors; in addition to income for the year, we take into account the popularity of the artist — by the number of mentions in the print media, appearances on the TV screen and search queries in Yandex. The popularity of the entire clan Pugacheva does not fall for decades - it is a fact, and nothing can be done about it. In my opinion, the NTV channel is the most powerful in the warm-up session of the clan, where subjects about Kirkorov's personal railway car, his Bulgarian residence or the shaky health of Alla Borisovna appear with enviable regularity.

In addition, her former son-in-law Vladimir Presnyakov is not deprived of the attention of the press, his son is Nikita’s “star grandson”, Orbakaite, younger sons ’grandsons from her second marriage, and finally her children 2013, born.


A couple of years ago, Galkin, in his show on Channel One, Maxim Maxim, took Harry and Liza’s children and Pugacheva into his arms, began to read a fairy tale to them, and in between times, jokingly assumed that they would also have Harry Harry and Lisa Lisa TV shows .


The daughter of Kirkorov Alla-Victoria (2011 of birth) has 251 000 followers on Twitter, his son Martin (2012 of birth) has 154 000 subscribers. This music will be eternal - even the batteries do not need to be changed. Dynasty is growing. The era of Pugacheva will never end.

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