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American Love and Marriage: 10 Facts About US Relations


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Love is the most important thing in a person's life. But in different countries, people have different views of love and marriage. The author of the blog "Baby" on Yandex Zen. spoke about the features of relations in the United States.

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1. In the United States, 80% of marriages are made for love, and 10% for friendship, in last place are marriages for children and for convenience.

2. If an American wants to meet, he goes to a specialized site. According to U.S. residents, this is easier and more convenient than dating in the real world. Many people think (approximately 60%) that this is the best way to get to know each other. That is why a large number of people are registered on such sites and are looking for a soul mate there.

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3. In contrast to other countries, the age of marriage in the United States is approximately 27 years for both men and women. Americans are in no hurry to formalize their relationship, and in other countries this age is 23 years.

4. Despite the fact that Americans are passionate about dating sites, most already married met their soul mate at work.

5. It is not uncommon in the United States to get divorced in old age. According to statistics, this is the age period that accounts for the majority of divorces. For example, in Russia this “peak” age is 30-40 years.

6. In the modern States, the number of people who do not want to marry at all is growing.

7. In the USA, gay marriage is legalized.

8. The number of people who enter into a second or third marriage has increased.

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9. The United States has a Domestic Violence Act. He acts like this: if neighbors have noticed violence from her husband, the manifestation of aggressive actions, then they have the right to call the police and record what is happening. The husband in this case will be arrested. The duration of the arrest depends on the degree of violence or unlawful acts.

10. If the couple does not plan to enter into an official marriage, but lives together, then upon separation, both partners can share property acquired during cohabitation. And no matter whose money things were bought. In most other countries, this is not possible.

Original column published in column «Baby» on Yandex Zen

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