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Bloopers in obituaries: who and why 'buried' Madonna, Elizabeth II and Peppa pig in 2020


Source: Today

In 2020, there were a lot of unusual and strange things. It would seem that in this life we ​​have already seen everything, but with each new day the world presents us with new surprises. Alas, not always pleasant, notes "Today".

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You probably already know that among the most popular Google queries in Ukraine in 2020 there is this one: “Why did Peppa's pig die?”. And if this question does not bother you, then the fans of the legendary cartoon, on the contrary. After all, we know that Peppa Pig is still alive!

As it turns out, this misunderstanding started with one short video on TikTok. A blogger under the nickname bspovs published a video “Record yourself before and after you find out how Peppa's pig died”, which later went viral.

By the way, this is not the first time when celebrities - stars of show business, socialites, actors, singers, politicians, etc. are “buried” in the information space.

For example, in November of this year, the French radio RFI mistakenly posted a long list of obituaries on the website.

Among the people who were buried prematurely by the French foreign broadcasting were Queen Elizabeth II, Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood, actress Brigitte Bardot and football player Pele.

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Obituaries for Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, former US President Jimmy Carter and Cuban leader Raul Castro were also published. They are all alive.

You can also recall the recent embarrassment with the singer Madonna. After the death of the legendary Argentine football player Diego Maradona, hundreds of people did not understand the situation and decided that the American pop diva had passed away. It's all because of the very consonant names of the stars.

Madonna became trending on American Twitter as people began to post massively condolences and the words “RIP Madonna”, as well as search Google for news of her death and funeral.

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