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The best folk recipes for cough and sore throat


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Cold, wind, and sometimes a sharp temperature drop - this is how winter is here. And the immune system weakens, allowing the reproduction in our body of various viruses and bacteria. And now cough, runny nose, chills and desire to sleep for days. The best folk recipes to help quickly get rid of cough, offers Rambler with reference to Sobesednik.

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In winter, it is important to be able to catch and stop a cold at the very beginning. With this help us to cope with traditional medicine. Denote the methods of traditional medicine in the fight against cough: gargling, compresses the throat or chest, taking medicinal decoctions, mixtures or tinctures. Each of the methods used in certain diseases and has its own characteristics.


Recommended for dry cough, especially if it is accompanied by a sore throat. The main purpose of the procedure is to clear the tonsils from the accumulated mucus. You must gargle with a warm solution or decoction up to 10 once a day.

Teaching children this simple procedure, it is important to explain to them that you can not swallow the liquid for rinsing.

Here are a few tools. from sore throat and dry cough:

  • Water (1 glass) with soda, salt (according to 1 tsp.) And iodine (3 – 4 drops).
  • Water with lemon juice (about 1 tsp. Juice in a glass).
  • Beet juice with vinegar. Beetroot grated, squeeze the juice, add to it 1 tsp. table vinegar.
  • Carrot juice with honey. To the freshly squeezed carrot juice add 1 tsp. honey, diluted 1: 1 with water.
  • Vegetable decoctions. You can use calendula, chamomile, coltsfoot, eucalyptus, licorice root, oak bark. Grass (2 – 3 st. L.) Is poured with boiling water (about 0,5 l), infused for at least 60 minutes, filtered.


Best suited for wet coughing when expectoration is difficult.

  • Mustard. It will take on 1 Art. l mustard powder, honey and radish juice. All components are thoroughly mixed, put on a gauze and then tie the neck with a woolen scarf.
  • Liquid honey They are smeared on the chest, wrapped with parchment paper on top, covered with a warm blanket, and left until a sensation of heat arises in the chest.
  • Vegetable oil. It is heated in a water bath to room temperature. A towel is dipped into it, a chest wrap is wrapped around it, the top is covered with parchment paper or tracing paper, left for several hours.
  • Mashed potatoesmixed with vodka. The mass is divided into 2 parts, each placed in a plastic bag, shaped into a lozenge, applied to the chest and back, wrapped around a warm scarf or towel.

It is necessary to keep the compress until the sensation of heat, preferably after removing the compress to be under the blanket for at least an hour.

Important! In the treatment of cough in children can not be added to the compress in contact with the skin, alcohol or vinegar. Penetrating through the pores of the skin, they can lead to the poisoning of babies. In addition, warming compresses can not be done at high temperatures, as well as impose on the heart, both in front and behind.

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