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Pitfalls in English: 6 words that Russian speakers translate incorrectly


Source: "Your English" on "Yandex.Zen"

Author of the channel "Your English" on "Yandex.Zen" offers a small memo about English words with a translation unexpected for Russian-speaking people.

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1. Brilliant [ˈbrɪlɪənt] - beautiful, chic, shiny, NOT: diamond - diamond [ˈdaɪəmənd]

I have a brilliant idea! - I have a great idea!

He proposed to her with a beautiful diamond ring - He proposed to her and presented a beautiful diamond ring.

2. Fabric [ˈfæbrɪk] - fabric, NOT: factory - factory [ˈfækt (ə) rɪ]

This dress is made of a very nice fabric - This dress is made of very good fabric.

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is my favorite childhood movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my favorite childhood movie.

3. Sympathy [ˈsɪmpəθɪ] - pity, sympathy, NOT: sympathy - fondness [ˈfɑːndnəs], liking [ˈlaɪkɪŋ]

He really needs sympathy and understanding right now - He really needs sympathy and understanding now.

I told Julie about my fondness for her - I told Julie about my sympathy for her.

It seems the manager has taken a liking to you “The manager seems to like you.

On the subject: Obsolete English words that are still found in textbooks for Russian speakers

4. Transparent [trænsˈpærənt] - transparent, NOT: banner - banner [ˈbænər]

Store it in non-transparent container - Store in an opaque container.

Protesters gathered at the square holding banners - Protesters with banners gathered in the square.

5. Stroke [ɪnˈsʌlt] - offend, NOT: stroke - stroke [strəʊk]

Sorry, I didn't mean to insult you - Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.

The patient recently had a stroke - The patient recently had a stroke.

6. Lovely [ˈlʌvlɪ] - beautiful, adorable. NOT: favorite - favo (u) rite [ˈfeɪvərɪt]

Seeing the word lovely, many beginners think that this is an adjective from love, so they translate it as “beloved”, but beloved in the sense of what we like best is favorite (as in Russian, the borrowed word is “favorite”).

The weather is lovely today! - The weather is fine today!

What's your favorite game? - What is your favorite game?

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