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Lolita told why she left her daughter in Kiev with her grandparents



54-year-old Lolita Milavskaya in a recent interview told why she never carried a daughter from Kiev to Moscow. The singer believes that the girl is better to live with her grandparents.


The daughter of Lolita Milyavskoy, Eva, almost since her birth, lives in Kiev with her grandparents, tells The singer in her recent interview said that she had decided to leave the girl with her parents, because there was no one to help her in Moscow.

Lolita could not spend much time on her little daughter — she had to work.

“Eva has the opportunity to be with her grandparents in all 11 classes. And when they say that I left my child, I answer that this is one of the wisest acts in my life. Otherwise, it would ruin the life of not only the daughter, but the mother, who would have gone for her granddaughter, leaving her husband. Either the child would live here with a nanny - a stranger. "


Recall that Lolita gave birth to Eve, when she was married to Alexander Tsekalo. However, soon after the birth of the baby, her parents broke up, wrote StarHit. In one of the interviews, the singer said that her second husband could not accept the fact that they have a special child growing up. Eva was born premature, and a little later, doctors diagnosed her with autism. Thanks to the efforts of the singer and the work of psychologists, Eva was able to cope with the illness and almost catch up with the development of her peers.

Now the singer's daughter is 19 years old, this year she is finishing school. About the words of Lolita, Eve is very shy and changes are hard for her. Now she even deals with a psychologist in order to prepare for life in society.

Lolita also said that she wants Eve to resemble preparatory courses first before going to college. The singer's daughter has a penchant for languages: she speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, she teaches French herself. Eva is also very interested in art and closely follows all the events associated with the circus. Lolita does not exclude that the daughter will become a translator or critic.

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