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Excess calories and health risk: 3 the most useless cereals


Source: Rambler

We have all heard about the benefits of cereals since childhood. But are cereals really supposed to be the basis of a healthy diet?

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Any nutritionist will definitely advise you to include cereals in your menu, but with the obligatory reservation that it’s better to refuse some of them, writes Rambler. So, what cereals are of no use?


Everyone knows semolina porridge, which grandmothers and mothers treated us to, assuring us that it is incredibly useful. But in fact, there is absolutely no value in it. Neither vitamins nor beneficial minerals. It contains only pure starch and a little protein.

Polished rice

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Supporters of a healthy diet respect rice (though they prefer brown to white). But it can not be called useful. This cereal is extremely poor in the content of vitamins, fiber and other useful substances. In addition, rice has a rather high glycemic index - 50-70.

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This, of course, is not about oatmeal, which contains a lot of nutrients. We are talking about instant cereals, which often replace it. Of course, pour the contents of the bag with water, leave for a few minutes and get a quick breakfast is very convenient. But at the same time, such a meal can not be called useful.

Such a porridge contains many artificial flavors and sweeteners, but there are no valuable nutritional components and fiber at all. Regular consumption of instant oatmeal can provoke excess weight, as well as the development of cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes.

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