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Rammstein leader releases 'adult' video with girls from Russia: now they are threatened


Source: Rain

Rammstein leader Till Lindemann released an explicit clip in which the girls from Russia starred. Users of “Dvach” revealed the names of actresses and published links to their pages, after which the girls began to receive threats, including from supporters of the “Male State”, writes "Rain".

Photo: video frame YouTube / Lindemann Official

Lindemann launched the Na Chui project. On February 14, he posted the Till the End video, shot in St. Petersburg, on an adult website. Girls from Russia took part in the filming. In the video, they have sex with a musician, and all explicit scenes are shown uncensored.

A few days later, users of "Dvacha", calling the actresses "our Russian" Natashki "", published links to their pages on social networks. They claim to have found all the girls, including the “mother” who “supplied” them. After this, the actresses began to receive insults and threats, now the pages of most of them have been deleted.

Subscribers of the “Male State” public on VKontakte joined the bullying. The court sentenced its creator Vladislav Pozdnyakov to a suspended sentence for inciting hatred of women, but then canceled the sentence in connection with the decriminalization of Article 282. Four more persons involved in the case received real sentences.

Pozdnyakov claims that he did not call for "killing the participants" of the video. “I said something like this:“ If in Russia there is a lone nationalist who kills them, I will not feel sorry for them. ” There was no call to kill, beat, and so on, ”he wrote. Pozdnyakov assured that “on his part there were no public calls for harassment” of girls who “dishonored the Russian nation”. “At least in open areas,” he added.

At the same time, Pozdnyakov confirmed that he had threatened one of the actresses, and published audio recordings that he sent her. He also appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to attract “at least” her for the production and circulation of pornographic materials.


"I am very afraid"

Some of the girls mentioned by the two said that they did not star in the video, but collaborated with the leader of Rammstein on another project. Actress Lyubov Ivanova wrote on instagram that she took part in the filming of the Platz Eins video, and she learned about the existence of the second video only on the day of the premiere.

“There can be no my participation there. Any representative of project management can confirm this, ”she says. Ivanova added that “the threats do come”: “Someone is threatening reprisals, someone is alerting relatives.”

The actress, who wished not to give her name, told Fontanka that even those who did not take part in the filming began to receive threats: “They began to write to those who simply had photographs with Till, but they were not involved in the filming, to extras. I know at least three of these girls. About 20 girls from the filming participants receive threats. ”

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The girl added that "very afraid." Users write to her that they know her address. The address of another actress they posted in one of the telegram channels.

“My family is in shock. Letters were sent to my brother that they were looking for a sister. I have no one to turn to, I have no high-ranking friends. I only have a police number, but I understand that because of simple threats they will not help and will not give protection, ”the Fontanka interlocutor said, adding that she had stopped leaving the house.

In the meantime, Roman Kotik, an assistant to the deputy of the legislative assembly and entrepreneur from Novosibirsk, turned to the mayor of the city with a request to ban the March concert of Rammstein.

“The German performer is touring the land for which our grandfathers fought, propagandizing debauchery and violence, singing frivolous songs in German and using Russian women to satisfy their sexual needs. The question arises: 75 years of Victory over whom we will celebrate? ” - the letter says.

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