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'The face will crack soon!': Fans did not recognize Masha Rasputin after beauty procedures


Source: 7 Days

The 55-year-old singer has published a series of frames in which it is difficult to recognize, writes "7 days".


Masha Rasputin really wants to regain her youth and is ready to even lose her face for the sake of smooth and toned skin. The singer, who does not hide that she resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon, shared a series of pictures in which she looks unrecognizable.

The pop star wrapped herself in furs and boasted the result of another rejuvenation.

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While some fans rejoice that Rasputin keeps himself in shape and monitors his appearance, others vigorously criticize her for the lack of a sense of proportion. At 55, looking like a student is already quite difficult. And if you don’t stop in time, the effect of rejuvenation will be the opposite: people will compare you with a doll. This seems to have happened to Masha.

“The face will crack soon!” Stop, ”persuade Rasputin on the Web.

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By the way, Rasputin heard the first criticism addressed to this topic last summer. Then the singer showed the public a "new" nose, which made her a copy of Michael Jackson.

Fortunately, it turned out that that frame was processed in Photoshop. As seen in the new pictures, the singer’s nose is in place.


But until recently, critics praised Masha for the fact that she began to look better than five years ago. The reason for this is a complete change of image, which the star decided on in 2015. Then at one of the events, the thinner star, who used to see in revealing outfits, appeared in an elegant trouser suit.

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