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Personal experience: how much we spend in US restaurants


Going on a virtual tour of America's foodies?


Coffee in the most star coffee shop (I'm talking about Starbucks) - from $ 3 to $ 5, I recently have a check for $ 5, since I switched to almond milk. Burger at McDuck - from $ 1, the most unpretentious, but when I stop by to eat nasty things, I take it. There are stocks from the category 2 burgers for $ 5. Ready-made salad from the supermarket $ 5-10. Useful and quite acceptable.


Fast Food Cafe Salad Chick-fil-Amy favorite salad is forever Market salad - $ 8. Breakfast of eggs, pancakes, bacon and tea - $ 15. The portions are large enough. Business lunch at a Japanese restaurant - $ 10-15. Depending on the portion.

Miso soup + 2 servings of rolls cost me $ 10. Dinner in an Italian restaurant (private business, not a network place, is very tasty and beautiful) within $ 50. For salad and 2 main dishes + drinks (non-alcoholic). Grilled vegetables salad in my plate $ 8.


The place is in the tourist zone, but inexpensive. The secret, apparently, is that they don't bring free buttered buns. Dinner at a restaurant with a delicious steak - $ 60-80 for two. They give me an unlimited amount of bread, which I eat before dinner, and, as a rule, I take the main course with me.

Dinner in a restaurant with a beautiful view and a glass of champagne (simple asti, not collectible) already from $ 80-100. Depending on how much you intend to fit into yourself. Pizza from $ 5 in a supermarket and about $ 15 from a cafe to order, depending on the ingredients and the institution. Shikainershaya grilled fish - $ 13 for 450 g + a hot kiss for the husband for the cooked yum.

So we live, but rather we eat and pay.


Do not forget to add 15-20% to the bill - for tea.

In McDack I allow not to leave. ))

Do you often go out to eat "in the light"?

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