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Personal experience: where to start learning English in emigration


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Blog author Success diary gives advice on where to start learning English in exile. This will make it easier for you to learn a foreign language. You will succeed! Good luck!

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I don’t write about what I don’t know about, I don’t give out semi-finished products. The topic of today's article is no exception.

It is based on the story of a real person. Of course, I myself could tell you where to start learning English, because I speak this language at the proper level, but I decided to take the advice of a person who started learning English in Ukraine, and then continued to do so after immigrating to the United States. Plus a couple of tips from English teachers.

My second cousin Vlad won with his wife Svetlana a green card giving the right to live legally in the United States. It took them about a year to sell property and solve other organizational issues at home.

Naturally, during this time Vlad tried to learn English. Studying German at school, lack of time, laziness - all this led to the fact that in the USA my brother left with a minimal vocabulary. In the States, he and his family rented a flat in one of the districts of New York, inhabited mainly by immigrants from the former USSR, and, moreover, he found a job with a Russian-speaking Pole.

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Products bought wife. Again, there was no time to study English, and he didn’t see any sense in the reinforced lessons, because his entourage mostly spoke Russian, Ukrainian and Polish.

After six months of such a life in the United States, he decided that it was time to look for a normal job, because while their lives differed little from the sad existence in their homeland.

Naturally, Vlad understood that without an excellent knowledge of the language, nothing shines for him, so he began to wonder where to begin to learn English so that he could finally master it. After combining several different techniques and taking up this issue seriously, Vlad spoke good English a month later, and after two more mastered the written language.

I think his advice will be useful to you.

What is difficult to start learning English without?

I sometimes wonder why many in our country learn English 7 – 10 for years at school, then continue to hang around him at the university, but apart from “London - the capital of Great Britain” they know nothing.

It is clear that memorizing topics is not the most effective way to learn English, but after all, some kind of base should be formed?

Vlad is sure that there is something without which it is impossible to master a foreign language in a short time, he was convinced of this from his own experience:

1. Motivation

Until you understand what you need to memorize unfamiliar words and wade through the thorns of someone else's grammar, you will not achieve anything.

Vlad has been trying to master at least a year and a half at least, and it took only three months to speak English not only fluently, but also to write. But this happened only when his rooster pecked at a known place.

You have to convince yourself that English will open the doors to you for promising work, travel, new acquaintances and so on.

2. Time

All those empty words that assure you that "only five minutes a day is enough ..." are mean lies. It takes at least half an hour every day to focus on learning English.

No matter what method you choose for yourself, it will still take time.

3. Help

Here you can choose for yourself whose help you will resort to: individual lessons with a tutor, group trainings, educational audio, video, books, a foreign friend who will speak with you in his native language, and so on.

But it is impossible to get by on our own, without using any materials.

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4. Positive attitude

Fear has big eyes.

Vlad was convinced of the veracity of this proverb. He is sure that it was an internal barrier that prevented him from mastering English at home: “It’s difficult, I can’t cope.” Belief in success and own strength is the engine of progress.

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Getting to Learn English: 8 Tips

If you already believe in yourself, take the time and have a strong motivation, then you can proceed directly to learning English.

Here are 8 tips from both my brother and professional teachers that will facilitate your learning process:

1. Determine what type of people you are:

  • visual (best of all you remember information visually);
  • discrete (you cannot remember anything without systematizing information using diagrams and tables);
  • audial (you remember what you hear).

This will help you choose the right tools for learning English.

2. Immerse yourself in the language environment. The best option is to go on a trip to an English-speaking country with a small dictionary and communicate, communicate, communicate. If you can't afford it, then simulate a dive with foreign television channels.

3. Watch as many English-language videos as possible. If your level is zero, then start by watching your favorite movies, TV shows, cartoons, in which many dialogues have already been studied. A good option for newbies is movies with Russian subtitles.

4. Find online translations of English songs and, listening to the originals, consult the translation.

5. Use cards or stickers. with foreign words and their translation into your native language: the more such cards you will be surrounded by, the better.

6. Audio lessons are very effective. to learn English, moreover, you can download them directly to your smartphone and listen on the way to work.

7. Correctly prioritize: Do you want to first learn to speak English, read or write on it? Trying to master everything at once is not necessary. Act gradually.

8. Learn to understand English and it is possible to answer a foreigner independently, but it is better to go with labyrinths of grammar together with an experienced guide.

Now you understand where to start learning English: with the right motivation and positive attitude.

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