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Personal experience: visiting hairdressers in the US


Popular Instagram blogger Natalya Posokhova shares with readers her experience visiting hairdressing in the United States.


Since 2012, I have constantly done highlighting with one master in St. Petersburg. After moving to the USA, I decided not to change the style and began to look for “my” master. In Baltimore, I visited 3 American masters (2-F, 1-M), I left them from $ 150 to $ 230 with a tip for a haircut + highlighting. Before moving to the USA, I was sure that the beauty industry was at its best here. The result was nothing special. A gay man from Baltimore stylists turned out to be the best, but still not like my Petersburg girl.

During pregnancy, I generally ceased to be beautiful, although this can be done with 13 week. When Valeria was born, her hair was already so grown that I had the idea to return to my natural dark blonde color. But this idea did not last long. Begin to hiccup salon.
I have heard about the AVEDA brand for a long time, and a salon working on their materials just turned out to be close to home. Signed up for a consultation. I counted 180 $ for a haircut, base break (color alignment) and highlighting. If anyone does not know, color alignment is the application of a clarifier for a few minutes on all hair before highlighting. I made a recording.

The unsmiling and taciturn Courtney turned out to be my stylist, which is very atypical for Americans, especially those working in the service sector. Maybe the day turned out to be a bad one? With her, we again discussed what I needed, and the price tag has already risen to 235 $. She suggested adding at the end Enhancing. I did not fully understand what it was, like for strengthening hair. Maybe you know?

I liked that in AVEDA they called me the price at the very beginning and on my own, and not a surprise at the end, as often happens.

In this salon, for any service as a compliment, there is a massage of the hands and neck. You know, I'm not a picky person, but it wasn’t close to a massage. So just a couple of stroking. Then everything happened in the usual way, up to this point.

My entry was the last one, the salon is open until 7 pm, but the girl from the reception who accepts payment leaves at 6 pm. Therefore, at the moment when Courtney had already highlighted me and put me on a haircut, a girl from the reception came up to me and asked if I could pay now. In general, of course, I like to pay at the end, after I receive full service, but what can I do. I was already ready to get up to go to the counter, but she herself went to the chair for the calculation and asks: "Will you leave a tip in cash or write off a tip from the card, and what amount?" I really didn't like this, because firstly, the amount of tip depends on the result, and I still sit with my head wet and not trimmed, and secondly, she asks this in front of the master, so that she can hear how much I will leave! I said 20% is the average tip in the US. In general, I did not expect this at all, that I even forgot to give the discount coupon. As a result, I gave $ 282 with tea.

Further, Courtney began to cut me, apparently, on her last breath, a couple of times I pointed out to her that it was crooked! Maybe she thought that I had left her a little tip?

Everything seems to be finished. Another hairdresser, partner Courtney, led me to a special billboard with the inscription AVEDA, against which they make photos of their work.

I took a picture of me from the back. I was about to leave, I looked, my partner came up to Courtney and said something in her ear. After that, she sits me back in the chair and begins to finish. That is, you understand, yes? She also trimmed me unevenly, well, another hairdresser saw!

I don’t want to say that there are good masters all over America, of course, otherwise there would not be so many Californian blondes, but I’m still looking for “my” master. Girls, San Diego, can you advise?

After Courtney’s services, I don’t know what happened, but every time I wash my hair, it’s just impossible to comb them, the terrible thing is how confused! This has never happened. Scratching takes me 3 times more time than before!

Girls, especially blondes, tell me what hair care products do you use?

PS And in the photo I am a couple of days before the update.

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