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Personal experience: why I refused an American and married a Russian


Source: "Katya from the USA" on Yandex.Zen

“Once a successful foreigner asked me to marry him. Native American, fascinated and captivated by my beauty. If I agreed, life would blossom with colors: wealth, travel, visits to the best restaurants and much more that a Russian girl could only dream of. But this did not happen, ”writes the author of the channel "Katya from the USA" on Yandex.Zen.

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The reason is simple, although not everyone understands it: I refused. Why so? What prevented me from agreeing and marrying an American? I will gladly tell you.

But first, let's decide. I am married and happy in family life. My beloved spouse is Russian, like me. Honestly, there has not been a single day in my life that I regretted the decision made once. Yes, I'm not the wife of an American, but I see only advantages in this.

Different mentalities - the scourge of a happy marriage

The first reason, as in a famous song, is him. The same mentality that girls, passionate about the pursuit of a better life, do not pay attention. I lived in the USA for several years, so I know that the locals are far from the embodiment of women's dreams and not even gifts. Those Americans who work hard and purposefully know the value of money. They will not allow you to spend finances right and left. For many girls, an overseas tale turns into sitting in four walls, boredom and the inability to have fun.

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A bit about family values

Family values, relationships, building a marriage union - everything here is based on completely different priorities. If some Americans see their wife as a certain housewife, then others, for whom the spouse works, on the contrary, perceive it as a completely self-sufficient person. This means that she pays for herself. For example, here it is in the order of things to pay off any invoices equally. What about? Once independent, then pay like a man. Gender equality and nothing more. Honestly, I couldn't feel like a fragile girl. And I couldn't sit at home either.

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Love for the native land

Another reason is love for the motherland. As they say, when leaving, leave - do not look back and do not leave the door open. It is expensive to fly across the ocean, and it does not contribute to a strong family. Having married an American, I should have stayed in the USA and adopted this country as my own. So do all the girls who want to live here permanently. But I couldn't. Leaving Russia forever without the possibility of frequent visits to the motherland is too hard. Therefore, a lucrative romantic proposal was rejected almost without hesitation.

I didn't marry an American. That doesn't mean you shouldn't either. You just need to think it over thoroughly and, when making a decision, understand: there will be no turning back. Although just you, which is quite possible, only happiness and love await ahead.

Original blog post "Katya from the USA" on Yandex.Zen.

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