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Personal experience: features of restaurants in the USA


Continuing the theme of American everyday life, blogger Anna Nesterenko decided to pay special attention to the characteristics of restaurants in the United States.


If you are with me recently and have not read previous posts on this topic, then here are the main points that should be remembered in the states:

  • Typically, standard portions in America are huge, so you should not type many dishes, because an ordinary cheeseburger can turn out to be multi-storey and replace a whole lunch. It will be accompanied by "default" salad and french fries - you can't refuse them and pay cheaper.
  • It is possible for adults to order children's portions. You can also ask to wrap up the food with yourself.
  • Usually, along with the main course, you will be served a glass of ice water (its cost is also added to the price of the main dish).
  • Alcohol can be ordered not everywhere: in some establishments there is a license only for beer and wine (but not for strong alcohol), in others it is completely absent. Do not forget to take your ID.
  • Both cash and bank cards from major payment systems are accepted everywhere in the United States. If you are using “plastic” and want to tip, just add the required amount on the check.

Who is the best student and knew all the 5 items? 🙂

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