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Personal experience: about insurance


In the US, it is not customary to expect someone to take care of you (besides your loved ones). (I'm talking about typical Americans, not immigrants on coupons). If a fire happens, then he is a fool, he had to buy insurance in advance.


The government will not pay the victim (although sometimes, in case of massive disasters, they provide assistance). Therefore, people need to think in advance about what will happen when they retire or will no longer be able to work due to their disability, or what will happen to their family after they die.

My fiance says that I can stay at home and take care of the children, but I have to think about what I will do if he doesn’t become. I must have a job that will help pay bills and not stay on the street.

There is a developed insurance network, and most Americans have life insurance (which help the family in case of loss of the breadwinner). Also, many people buy additional insurance against disability, since state insurance may not pay enough.

In addition, most Americans save for retirement. The US Government Pension Fund says openly to everyone that you should not rely solely on the state pension, and for a comfortable life after retirement, Americans need more than a pension benefit. Social Security.

Private pensions, savings and investments are needed. Most Americans save a portion of their salary (on the order of 3-10%) into special retirement accounts.

For example, if you save $ 500 per month for 35 years, then, according to calculations, you should get about $ 1.1 million for retirement.

I'm also going to get confused by all this, because old age in the states is a second life.

Here the elderly travel, attend concerts, go to restaurants, go on cruises and much more that our people, even at a young age, cannot always afford.

Are you thinking about your future? Preparing financially?

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