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Personal experience: restaurants in the USA


First of all, it should be said that almost all the places where you can eat, they are called a restaurant.


In the USA, there are many establishments where famous chefs work, well-serviced waiters serve, dishes are served on designer dishes, and the average bill starts from 100 $ for two people without alcohol. I have not reached them yet.

Another type of American establishment is small family cafes. They are democratic both in price and in etiquette. The average bill without drinks for one person is about $ 10-20.
Here we love them with Sap with all my heart. ))

We have a favorite Diner in the city Ann Arbor - the owner of the establishment has been working there at the checkout for 30 years. ))

Fresh and tasty dishes can be bought in cookery (Deli) where they cook takeaway. But they usually have tables for those who want to eat on the spot.
We often eat at the supermarket Whole foods.

But most of all in America are fast food restaurants. In addition to the famous eateries with hamburgers and deep-fried chicken wings, there are places dedicated to hot dogs, pizzas, pancakes. A good meal there will cost 5-15 $. We rarely go here, more often if there is no time to eat normally.

The fashionable trend of recent years is as follows: in large metropolitan areas there are more and more highly specialized restaurants dedicated to different diets, gastronomic preferences or focused on a certain group of people - kosher and halal, vegetarian and vegan.
So in Chicago there is a restaurant where only smoothies and salads are prepared - very tasty.

If you just want to drink coffee, then you should look into the coffee shop: the range of dishes there is limited, most likely, you will be offered a well-brewed drink and desserts, perhaps sandwiches.
And yes, I do not recommend Starbucks. It is fashionable, but in the family coffee house you can get a more delicious coffee at a lower price.

In small cities, unlike in large cities, you will not find a special variety of restaurants. Typically, you will have a choice between "chain" cafes and fast food establishments. Although in Michigan I ate the best sushi in small towns - my favorite Sushi dzen in Brighton, where I lived.

How often do you go to restaurants, and how exactly do you choose an institution - by price, reviews, location, dishes?

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