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Personal experience: a few fat drawbacks of living in the United States



We all know the United States as a “prosperous democratic country.” Of course it is. But, like every country, it has many drawbacks that are not familiar to the Russian.

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For the last two years I have lived in the USA and will try to share my personal experience with you now. Usually, everyone is trying to tell how to live well in the USA, but for some reason they don’t spread the minuses, says blogger Anton D.

1. Taxes Sales tax

Prices in stores are indicated without taxes. This immediately catches the eye. In each state, sales taxes vary. For example, in New York it reaches 10%, in Washington - a little more than 5%.

In all stores, restaurants and other establishments all prices are indicated without tax. If the price tag is written on the price tag of 100 dollars, then at the checkout you will have to pay 110 dollars. These 10 dollars go not to the store, but to the state.

Buy iPhone, on which price tag 800 dollars, at the box office will have to pay another 80.


2. Terrible smash

In America, there is not even the concept of "snitch" or "sneak". Such words are not found in the literary language. Snitch called informer.

In America, knocking is normal and even good. Only recently has the slang word "snitch" appeared, which means informant and is used among criminals.

Under US tax law, those who pass tax evaders will receive up to 30% of the fine paid by them. And in general, conflict situations are not decided by personal fights, but immediately go to complain.

Locals usually unilaterally knock on those who incorrectly parked the car, hit their child, threw out the garbage on the street, and so on. It is in the blood.

3. Mobile communication and Internet

Communication and the Internet is much worse. The Internet is unstable. After the Russian it seems impossible, because here the United States and all that.

When I arrived the first time, first of all I went to the communications salon. For 3 gigabytes per month I had to pay 30 $. And this is the minimum. Unlimited Internet would cost me 60 $ per month.

But high in comparison with the Russian tariffs do not interfere with large operators to provide communications that are lost in buildings and subways. All this is very strange: the birthplace of 4G and LTE, but the signal is worse than the regional one.

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4. Units

It would seem that there is nothing like this and we are just used to our units of measurement. But with us the whole world got used to them. And only America and Britain use the English system of measures. Although even England, where it all went, refuses them.

In the store, you’ll be weighed not in kilograms, but in feet. Gasoline will not be poured in liters, but in gallons. On the speedometer you will see miles, not kilometers. And you will freeze in degrees not Celsius, but Fahrenheit. Knocks down.

5. The medicine

In the US, medicine is one of the best, but also one of the most expensive. Calling an ambulance will cost you 1500 $, and the most common doctor's appointment is at least 300 $. Childbirth will cost more than the average American earns in a year.

Yes, there is insurance, but everything is not so simple. If you go to the hospital with her, you still have to pay 10% in cash and then use it. Medicines are practically not available. And the prices are considerable.

If you get sick on the street, don’t be in a hurry to call an ambulance - if they find out that your life is not in danger, you will immediately be given a fine, which the insurance will not pay back.

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6. Racism

America is the most multi-ethnic country. Relations between races are very tense. Although slavery had long been abolished, the sediment remained.

Blacks still say that they are discriminated against when applying for a job, entering a school or university. In general, they are allegedly treated differently. And whites on the contrary claim that racism has now turned in their direction in the USA: they cannot express their opinions, and in any conflict a black man will come out right.

Coming from Russia, I advise you to erase from the head all cultural associations that are tied to dark-skinned people. Otherwise you risk getting into an unpleasant situation, including from the standpoint of the law.

7. Homeless

Anyone who was in the US, could notice a huge number of homeless people on the streets. Unlike ours, they do not hide in the corners and basements, but rather openly live in the city center, in full view of tourists.

No one knows how many homeless people are in the US - by conservative estimates, there are more than 3 millions. It is perfectly normal to meet them in tents opposite the city hall, on the beaches, in front of expensive shops. Very strange. And no, they are no cleaner than our Russian homeless people, and often behave similarly.

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