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Personal experience: how women really live in America


The life of women in the United States is very different from life in the post-Soviet countries. What do American ladies have to face every day and whether their fate in the States is easy in their blog for “Yandex Zen”Said immigrant Oleksandr Ukrainko.

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Late motherhood

American women, for the most part, have children at a later, mature age than our compatriots. Thanks to the strong feminist movement, American women are more independent, relaxed and ambitious. They have more opportunities to make a successful career than our women, and, of course, many use it. Children usually begin to think after 35, at a time when our compatriots in 40 may already be grandmothers.

Physical assistance is not so common.

Due to the same active feminist outlook on life and the struggle for equality with men, women in America have almost lost such a bonus as “male physical assistance”. To see an American woman carrying a box that is clearly heavy for her and chatting with a man who walks next to empty hands is in the order of things for the States. But if for me it looks unusual and even strange, then American women perceive it as commonplace and often do not even expect help from men. If you ask an American man to help you, then I think he will not refuse, but so that he rushed to help you himself - I have not seen this.

No maternity leave

After giving birth, most working American women cannot fully enjoy the joys of motherhood. There is no habitual maternity leave for us in America for three years, and on average, mom will have only 3 a month, after which she will have to return to work or leave her current position.

I want to note that American mothers are less protected by the state than our compatriots. Employers of America may, at their discretion, set the size of maternity leave, its payment and other conditions. The more interested an employer in an employee is, the more loyal the terms and conditions of the decree can offer her. For example, in some large American companies, maternity leave can reach 1 of the year. However, you should not rely on such conditions, because this is the exception rather than the rule.

Need to be able to drive a car

The expression “A car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation” is mega-relevant for America. Public transport is developed only in tourist centers, and in the rest of America you need to use a car. To be able to drive a car for the States is like being able to swim for a yachtsman.

Usually in an American family there are as many cars as there are family members, and everyone moves exclusively by cars. Because even just going to the store for milk or attending a church service without a car will not work. Such a concept as a sidewalk does not exist along the entire length of roads, and the distance between locations will be appropriate - not pedestrian.

You can drive a car in America from the age of 16 or 17 (depending on the state), and almost everyone already has the right by reaching the age of majority. If you are not ready to get behind the wheel, America is not your country, unless, of course, someone will take you everywhere.

Prevention of domestic violence in the family

In America, just like in our country, there is a problem of domestic (as well as psychological, financial and sexual) violence against women in families. However, unlike us, the United States is doing a great job to prevent and prevent such cases. Teachers and doctors are the professions through which the largest number of people pass every day, so educational and medical institutions are ready to provide first aid to victims.

So a woman with suspicious bruises and abrasions, which led the child to school, the teacher will inquire about “what happened?”, “Do you need help?” And necessarily give contacts to a social service that helps with legal support for the victims. In cases of children, they directly contact social services with a request to check the situation in a particular family.

Often, people who have been abused since childhood cannot understand that something is wrong with them and what should be different. In such cases, help social television commercials, which also contain the phones of the relevant services.

In hospitals, all newly-made mothers in secret from spouses must be given to fill out a small questionnaire, the results of which make it clear whether she is subjected to domestic violence in the family. And right in the hospital a woman can get the necessary advice on issues of interest.

A huge plus of all this work is that they not only fight the consequences, but also work proactively (so that acts of violence do not occur). And if in our country domestic violence in the family is often regarded only as an administrative violation, which is equivalent to a drunken brawl in a park, in the States it is a criminal offense and tyrants really go to prison not only for committed acts, but also for attempts, as well as for moral and psychological impact and coercion.

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