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Personal experience: as I tested on myself 9 recommendations for losing weight without diets


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85% of those who want to lose weight are women. On average, they make 4 attempts to go on a diet per year. But somehow violate it, writes There is great news: in addition to diet control and regular training, nutritionists often recommend introducing tricks into their daily lives that help you lose weight and eat less with each meal. Most of them do not require effort and act on the human subconscious. For fans of training, a bonus at the end of the article is still available.

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Photographer Tatyana Shadrintseva, having experienced the methods of nutritionists, decided to share her feelings. Next - from the first person.

I warn you that I will talk about the reaction of my body. When dealing with excess weight, all means are good. If you agree, then let's go.

1. Drink a glass of hot water on an empty stomach

Method: A glass of hot water, drunk on an empty stomach after waking up, makes the stomach work better. After an evening meal, the remnants of undigested food are cleaned off the walls of the stomach and stimulate the intestines. In addition, hot water can curb your appetite if you drink it 30 minutes before breakfast.

  • Result: Not working. It seems to me that this is rather an effective way to wake up your body - a kind of washing from the inside out. Half an hour after the procedure I wanted to have breakfast, and I ate no less than usual.

2. Choose solid foods for breakfast

Method: There is a theory that the saturating ability of a protein increases when it is consumed in solid form. In other words, eating, for example, cottage cheese instead of yogurt, you will feel hunger later.

  • Result: It works. After yogurt, hunger returned after an hour and a half, and had to snack again. And the effect of cottage cheese lasted longer - I calmly waited for dinner.

3. For breakfast - eggs, for lunch - spicy

Method: Eggs for breakfast will help to forget about hunger until the middle of the day. And hot pepper added to dinner dishes will speed up the burning of calories - it activates metabolism, improves digestion, the body begins to burn fat 16% faster.

  • Result: It does not work fully. After scrambled eggs for breakfast, I did not feel hungry for a long time. But pepper in lunch dishes, apparently, really improves digestion - in an hour I wanted to eat something else.
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4. Eat whole food with chopsticks

Method: Using sticks, you will eat the usual portion more slowly than usual. This will allow you to quickly get enough and stop in time.

  • Result: Not working. I tried any food to eat with chopsticks - anyway I ate everything that was on the plate, and set about sandwiches. Maybe because I'm doing great with chopsticks.

5. Replace the light bulb in the kitchen and turn on the music

Method: Soft warm light and calm music reduce stress levels, and a person no longer needs to seize a depressed or nervous state. Scientists have proven that this method reduces the amount of food consumed by 18%, which is about 175 calories per meal.

  • Result: It works. In such an atmosphere, I had a feeling of peace, and I stopped in a hurry. Automatically, I began to eat more slowly, and saturation came faster.

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6. Record or photograph all food

Method: You need to record or photograph what you are going to eat, from cutlets to small caramel. But you need to do this in real time, not post factum. You can also make it a rule to post these photos or a list on social networks. First, you will probably play in public and try to eat more proper food, and later it will become a habit.

  • Result: Works great. I tried both methods and each time I successfully refused sweets, so as not to add this to my list or photo. This method includes healthy criticism and one way or another suggests: is it worth it to eat? And it also helps in the evening to calmly assess the magnitude of the disaster, because many people tend to underestimate the portion sizes and the amount of food taken. And me too.
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7. Sniff mint

Method: Mint blocks hunger - sheets can be sniffed, chewed, added to the water you drink throughout the day. Tests confirm that aromatherapy works - people who inhaled the aromas of peppermint, apples, bananas, grapefruit before meals, ate less. It is believed that these odors affect the subconscious, control appetite and create a feeling of joy and tranquility.

  • Result: It works. From a rich fresh smell, the appetite really disappears. I used this method while working at the computer - instead of cookies, I laid next to a sprig of mint. And miraculously forgot about sweets.

8. Forklift diet

Method: The peculiarity is that all food is consumed only with a fork. You cannot take food with your hands; you cannot use a knife. Thus, it is possible not to get enough chips, salted nuts, butter and rolls at night.

  • Result: Not working. I expertly chopped chocolate on a fork. I think that this is not a diet, but the opportunity to rethink your approach to nutrition, to learn to choose products carefully and eat slowly.

9. The contrast of tablecloths and plates

Method: If the color of the plate contrasts with the shade of the tablecloth, then the person will eat less at the meal. In this case, the little-known Delbeuf illusion will work. Visually, it will seem to you that there is less food in the white plate on the white tablecloth, due to the fact that the borders of the plate merge with the background. Therefore, try to contrast the tablecloth with the color of the dishes.

  • Result: It works. I felt full before I ate my portion, and received fewer calories.

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Bonus: carry a brick or dumbbell in a bag

Our brain controls body weight and remembers the ideal weight for the body. No matter how you try to lose excess, your body has already decided on the ideal number of kilograms for it and will try to return to it if you start to lose weight. There is a way to trick the brain: deliberately weight your everyday bag. And although this method requires testing by time, we can say with full confidence that it will not cause harm.

Are you ready to check for yourself any of the ways? Or do you have your own tricks that you use?

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