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Personal experience: how I moved to America


I have not talked about how I came to America for a long time. This question is one of the most asked me. Plus we have a lot of new ones, so it's time to tell my story.


Initially, I did not even dream of moving to the States. I wanted to live in Europe, so I went to Belgium to study French for a year.

I arrived there as Au pair Is an international exchange program when you go to a family to help with children. I was lucky to get into a family with my American mom.

There, instead of French, my English improved. Plus, I have experienced all American traditions: the celebration of Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and Easter.

For some time I thought to move to Switzerland and still “finish off” my French, but one day the understanding came - I have to go to the States.


And again decided to go on the program Au pair... I was chosen by a family from Michigan with four children. I stayed with them for 2 years, which is very unusual for this program - families usually change nannies every year.

I was very lucky with them, we are still friends - both with parents and with children.

While I was in the States, I met my future husband. Very soon we have a wedding.

In another 2 years, I managed to: travel around 11 states, talk to a cop, take a cruise, run 3 5K marathons, fly a private jet, get into an ice storm and crash a car, and much more. About all this - and even more - my blog.

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