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Personal experience: how do I revoke card payments


Source: Anna, blog "Other Life"

Over the past three years, I quite often withdraw payments made with my plastic card. That is, I return the money paid for the product or service, even if the seller is not eager to do it. I don’t go to court, and the whole procedure is usually limited to one phone call and sometimes a couple of emails. Especially often I use it when I have to order something from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, and now also Spain. The reason is clear, the level of service in these countries is hopelessly stuck at the “buyer is always wrong” mark.

Let's see together how the “charge back” system works and when and to whom it can be useful.

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How and to whom to pay

In all suspicious cases, or just a little doubtful, when I don’t know the seller for many years and this is not a solid company from Germany that operates on the 500-600 market in recent years, I took it as a rule to pay for goods or services with a plastic card. This is my insurance.

However, even if I make a payment through the system PayPal, I still try to pay from the card - this is my reinforced concrete guarantee that if something goes wrong, I will return my money back. PayPalUnfortunately, despite advertising and promises, it does not give such guarantees, and it is not always possible to save your money through this system. I generally try not to use it lately.

How it works

International payment systems Visa and Master Card provide service “Chargeback”Is the buyer’s protection service, according to which the disputed amount is withdrawn from the account of the seller of the service or product without acceptance, and the latter then proves who was right in the disputed situation. To declare that the seller "behaved badly" should be no later than 120 days.

How to use it

You can always use this rule when you are not satisfied with the quality of service or have not received what you paid for.

I returned the money when paid through the system A mini-hotel in the Alps met us with closed doors at 3 in the morning and did not open them either for calls or for vigorous kicking of the door. He did not open them the next morning either.

I returned the money when I rented a car in Morocco, ordered and paid for in advance online, on returning, "got up" to us in the amount of 2 times more than the one we have already paid for its rent. It was impossible not to give this money away, a passport was left on bail. We paid and then canceled this predatory payment.


I canceled the payment for “speeding up” the receipt of a certificate of criminal prosecution and a criminal record in Russia. Taking this opportunity and the fact that many immigrants are forced to order such certificates, I will give anti-advertising.

I needed help very quickly. On the Internet, I found a company that offers to make a certificate of conviction for 3 of the day, takes another day on an apostille, and then is ready to send this certificate to any part of the world by courier. The offer suited me, although it was doubtful, because the company was Russian, but at that time we were preparing documents for obtaining a residence permit in Spain, so the certificate was necessary and quickly (the old one expired). And I, having specified in advance that the dates were such, and not others, made an order. The seller of the service has long insisted on payment through Western Union (well, it would be impossible to track this payment or return the money), then directly to the Sberbank card the director of this company, and only under the threat of losing the contract he agreed to pay through PayPal. I did not pay the bill PayPal, and through a plastic card of your American bank, simply using the system PayPal as an intermediary to perform this operation.

My worst fears came true. The order was not completed through 3 of the day, or through 33. The reason is simple - the seller did not expect that I needed a power of attorney for him and didn’t take time to reassure her at the consulate (I ordered a certificate while in the US), then I forgot about the fact that there was a Christmas holiday ahead of which no one worked, but after them I simply forgot that I exist.

The money has already been paid for the service. So who will go for 15 000 rubles to sue him from America? On the road and lawyers spend more.

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The calculation was correct, except for the fact that I called my bank, explained the situation, said that the service was paid for but not received, and received my money back on the same day. It is curious that on the same day the big boss contacted me via Skype with the question: “What happened? Everything seemed so good. ” He contacted because he received a notification that one of his customers began the procedure. ”dispute the charge”And he, of course, tensed, who wants to return the money. He had never heard of such a procedure, but “he went to meet me” and offered to return part of the “overpaid money”. I refused. Received an angry letter, a summary of which I quote, keeping the punctuation and spelling of the writer:

«Let's start in order this document is executed according to the law of 30 days, in Moscow even longer, plus you would need your representative to send the original power of attorney, you ordered two certificate services and an apostille for its provision is paid for by the state duty 2500р. and you ordered it, 14.12 we started talking to you and because you sent a photo from the beginning and not Scan, forgot to fill out the customer questionnaire, etc. In general, they created difficulties for our work, which is why it was delayed. We assist in more urgent receipt of the document, but do not sell goods that are ready and on the shelf and I told you about it. Every Russian has to know how courier services work, and you also needed to know about it and the laws of our country need to be considered. And we are going to meet you by sending a document. This is not our responsibility, representatives usually take our certificates from our office ..."And so on.

But what hangs on their website in advertising:


If someone has a positive experience with this company, please excuse me, but my personal experience was negative in a situation when I was very tight on deadlines. So, the “Russian vodka certificate” or the Legion company made a very negative impression on me. Needless to say that I did not wait for an apology.

But she received all the paid money back. I do not repent of anything at all, since this money cannot in any way cover the unpleasant weeks that I had to endure in the hope of getting my criminal record by the time of the appointed date of the interview at the Consulate of Spain, as a result I did not receive it, but I had to to carry. It all cost a lot of money.

Chargeback in Russian banks

The system of the ability to withdraw a payment is established by global payment systems and ideally should not depend on the country or bank in which the plastic card is issued through which the payment was made. Frankly, for myself, I have withdrawn payments made only from the accounts of my American bank, it's just more convenient for me.

In America, everything is simple: I call in Bank of AmericaI introduce myself saying that the purpose of the bell is “dispute the charge”, I explain the situation and, as a rule, that's all. Usually they either believe me for a word, or in rare cases when the seller of a product or service disputes my words, asks (through Email) send additional documents or data.

In Russia, such simplicity is impossible. Not least because global payment systems fear fraud on the part of our compatriots. They fear not without a reason, some people try to turn this mechanism of protection of the buyer towards their personal enrichment, and the Russian brain is very much ready for such schemes. For my clients (I worked as a lawyer for a long time, although I gradually try to move away from this) in Russia I had to return the payment through Russian banks. Frankly, sometimes it works, sometimes not. If it fails, then it is mainly because of the laziness of the bank that issued the card, he does not want to “fight” for your interests. And he wants nothing at all.

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Regardless of which bank you have an account with, here The steps I would recommend to start “dispute the charge"In a Russian bank:

- Collect documents confirming that the payment took place and to whom exactly the money was transferred. Account statement (turnover) is quite suitable for these purposes. If the payment was made abroad (for example, on vacation), then you should think about translating such documents into Russian (often Russian banks require this).

- Confirm what the money was transferred for. This may be the seller's offer on the website, the confirmation that came to e-mail, that the purchase took place, or any other that you can collect. If there is a signed contract - just great.

- Come to your bank (nothing can be solved by phone) and say that you want to make a chargeback.

Further, it depends on the bank. There are still such banks where pleasant young ladies or young people at the reception have never heard of such. In this case, do not be embarrassed, call the manager, chief of department, deputy director of the branch or any other person with a post. As a rule, such a person does not sit in the hall, so they usually go somewhere in the room "behind the wall", but he usually knows what it is about.

When the situation is clarified and found understanding, we begin to write an application for a refund of money listed on the card. Most banks have their own form for this. If there is no form, then we write in free. It is always required to indicate your passport data, the address of the place of registration, the card number from which the payment was made and the details of who the money was transferred to (company or individual), to which settlement details, for what, when and how much. So all this information you need to have with you when you go to the bank to write an application for charge-back.

We attach the documents mentioned above to the application. It is very important to name all these documents in the statement, so that it does not happen later that all our evidence is suddenly lost in the depths of the bank branch (sometimes it happens).

We give the documents and the application, on your copy of the application we ask the person who accepts all this, put the position, last name, signature, date and seal, if there is no seal, then at least a stamp “for incoming”. Remember that in Russia there is a direct relationship between the number of seals and stamps on a document and its importance, so we make our statement as important as possible and ask for a seal.

After that, waiting for the results. Usually, the bank does not notify the results of the investigation, it simply credits or does not credit the money to the card. The average waiting time for 30-45 days, but sometimes longer. If the results of the investigation are not in your favor, then a written response usually comes. If not, then you can ask. Then everything depends on you: if the amount is large, and the answer of the bank is about chargeback negative, you may need to go to court. Or complain about the payment system itself to your bank.

Both payment systems, I repeat, give 120 days to challenge the transaction performed on the card (in some cases more, but I try not to exceed 120). This period is calculated from the time when the service was supposed to be provided.

Good luck! And if you have your own experience of recalling payments made through plastic cards, I will be glad to know about it in the comments.

The original is published in the blog.Another life"And printed with the permission of the author.

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