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Personal experience: what you can't wear in America if you don't want to embarrass yourself


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Just arriving in the country, immigrants make many "stylish" mistakes that immediately distinguish them from the crowd of Americans, writes the author of the blog Kuzminatravel at Yandex Zen.

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Swimming trunks

Men on beaches in the US are all wearing shorts. My husband always swam in these, he didn't like our usual swimming trunks for some reason. Perhaps that is why I did not immediately "glimpse" this American feature.

But when our parents came to visit us for the first time and I took them to the most famous beach in Santa Monica, dad naturally wanted to swim, and my son also went with him, even though I didn’t take his swimming trunks. Well child, what is it? Bathing in shorts ...

Then for the first time I noticed that they were looking at us somehow.

Then dad went out to sunbathe by the pool in our residential complex. It was then that my Russian-speaking neighbors, who have lived in the United States for a long time, said that in the United States it is not customary for men to wear swimming trunks, and advised me to buy swimming shorts for my dad (this is something like surfing shorts).

Later, I myself began to pay attention to men on the beaches, and indeed: I did not see anyone in swimming trunks.


If you go out into the streets of a large American city in a fur coat made of natural fur, you can catch not only sidelong glances and condemnation in the spirit of “this has not been fashionable for a long time,” but also run into ardent animal defenders who are not afraid to pour paint on your fur coat.

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However, in an age when there is such a choice of beautiful, stylish and warm down jackets made of faux fur, I cannot but agree with this position and I support the movement for the protection of animals.


No, for the heels, of course, no one will judge you. But in America it is not customary to wear heels in everyday life. Heeled shoes are party shoes. Usually, American women prefer low-speed shoes, as well as sneakers and sneakers. A small heel is acceptable in the office.

Interestingly, 99% of our emigrant girls in the US quickly forget about heels, preferring comfortable shoes.

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Classic shoes for jeans

In Russia, I often see men dressed in casual style: a jacket, jeans and classic shoes. You will never see this in the USA. Only sneakers and sneakers are worn under jeans. They can wear flip flops and even sandals with socks, but in no case boots or shoes. These shoes are only worn under a suit.


Another very typical Russian bag-tote hasn't caught on in America. Although in Moscow I have not seen men with them for a long time, but in the regions the bracelets are “alive”. Men in the United States go with briefcases, waist bags, but never with shoulder straps.

Tight dress

American women will never wear a black, short, tight dress in everyday life. They prefer comfortable, often sportswear and are very oversized.

However, people did not pay any attention to me when I dressed like that. However, the tight dress here is more of a party wear, as are the high heels.

Original column published on the blog. "Kuzminatravel" on Yandex Zen

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