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Personal experience: 10 of my most unexpected discoveries in America


Source: Yandex Zen

Many surprises await newcomers to the United States, writes the author of the blog "The ABC of an Immigrant" on Yandex Zen.

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1. Everyone is constantly apologizing for everything, even if they are not to blame for anything. You can stand in the store to consider something and at the same time interfere with others, but those passing by will apologize just in front of you.

2. In the USA, I began to use regular mail more than e-mail. Everything here comes by mail: bank cards, passports, documents. Most importantly, nothing is lost. No, it happens, of course, but these are isolated cases. I remember how scary it was to send the originals of education diplomas by mail and wait for them back after evaluation (establishing the compliance of the educational level with the standards of another country). But nothing happened, everything came safe and sound.

3. It’s normal when strangers greet you and ask how you are doing. Of course, everyone does it just out of politeness and out of habit, but nice. By the way, there are many articles on the topic that immigrants from the CIS are unfriendly. It’s just not accepted in our countries. Everywhere has its own characteristics.

4. In America, police can just stop and say hello. More than once it happened that the policemen, passing by, stopped and simply asked how are you. Recently, by the way, a patrol car in the park passed us, so the officers apologized that we had to give way to them.

5. A person in pajamas can be found in the store, at the post office and in any other public place. And this does not surprise anyone. Is that me yet. But sometimes it even seems sweet when a man in plush pajamas with ducks comes to the store for breakfast.

6. I do not remember the last time I saw drunk in the streets. Even after parties there were no drunk people in the trash.

7. In the United States spoils the Russian language. Here you fill out the application (application), go to the application (meeting by appointment), make requests (requests), call the loyer (lawyer) and so on. But some Russian words remain unchanged.

8. Here you can turn a red light if there is such a sign and if you do not bother anyone. This is allowed in New York. I will not talk about other states.

9. In the US, wildlife remains nearby, even if you live in a city. Here, when deer and turkeys cross the road, everyone is patiently waiting. But raccoons are not at all embarrassed that you are passing by.

10. In America, a lot is built on trust and honesty. For example, in the house where I live, large-sized parcels are left in a special room (mail room). To pick up your property, you just need to give your apartment number. And no documents, including a passport, need to be shown. It doesn't even occur to anyone here to lie - to name the number of someone else's apartment and pick up someone else's parcel.

Original column published in column «Immigrant alphabet» on Yandex Zen

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