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Summer swelling and weight gain: getting rid of excess fluid in the heat


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For a couple of weeks, the weather has been hot and, as a result, most people feel the unpleasant effects of weather conditions. First of all, in the form of swelling of tissues and limbs. Excess water is capable of “throwing on” several kilograms, and even the most slender body will look less taut and graceful.

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How to get rid of excess fluid in the body? For qualified explanations Фокус turned to a professional nutritionist Alain Yudin.

Water retention in the body occurs due to an excess of fluid that accumulates in the tissues. This fluid retention is called edema. Puffiness is formed in the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which causes swelling of the arms and legs (especially the ankles).

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“Of course, the best tips for optimal hydrobalance are“ exercise ”and“ eat a balanced diet ”. In this case, you will be able to avoid troubles in the form of liquid stagnation, ”comments nutritionist Alena Yudina.

But if you are far from sports loads and are not a supporter of healthy lifestyles, you will need recommendations on the correct balance of fluid.

Most importantly, drink the water.

“Often people who are prone to swelling avoid drinking water in hot weather, thinking that drinking water will further increase the swelling. But this is a big mistake, - says Alena Yudina. - It is the correct intake of water that will provide your body with a “sense of security”. He will “understand” that you can safely part with water. Otherwise, the body will perceive the water deficit as an attack and will begin to retain fluid with a vengeance. ”

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The correct water consumption recommended by the expert is calculated by the formula: 40 ml * 1 kg actual body weight divided by 2. For example, a woman weighing 70 kg should drink 40 * 70 per day: 2 = 1400 ml.

“And that's not counting sports and hot weather. Subject to these two factors, the volume of water consumed should increase, ”says Alena Yudina.

“Lack of water in the body leads to obesity, - continues the specialist. - It is water that is responsible for the processing of fats. In addition, water helps to restore skin elasticity, which is very important during the period of weight loss. ”

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